Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Messini Authentic Gyros

Messini located on the Danforth is probably know to serve one of the best Gyros in Toronto and I haven't been until a few weeks ago, mainly because of how pack it is no matter what time and day. 
It's not only a cheap eat here but also a late eat spot, open till midnight from Sun-Thurs and until 4am on Fri-Saturdays.

We arrive at around 2pm on a Saturday and the place was packed both with people ordering take out and people waiting for a table. Although it was packed, we had to wait for only 10-15mins.

Greek Fries $4.20
It's basically Fries w/ oregano and feta then put under the broiler for a bit so the cheese just begins to melt. It's just as simple and good as it gets ;)

At that price, Ben just couldn't resist ordering a beer to go with the Fries

The best Gyros in town, so we have to order it and there's basically 4 choice : 
Chicken, Pork, Lamb & Mixed (Chicken + Pork) which is shaved from the spit and served in a pita topped with onions, tomatoes, tzatziki & French Fries

 Chicken Gyros Pita $4.87 & Lamb Gyros Pita $5.31
Although the lamb is very flavorful, we both liked the chicken better since there was crispy chicken skin in it which add flavor and texture. 
Yes there's French fries in their pita here which apparently is the custom in many Greek cities especially Messini..... the French fries make the already large pita extra filling. With high expectation, I was expecting more, although good it was definitely not mind blowing.
We also asked for hot sauce and we expected a house-made / Greek version but we were only given a bottle of Tabasco.

Pork Souvlaki Stick $3.50
~ Pork grilled on a skewer and served with tzatziki
We were told that there's a 20 minutes wait for the souvlaki and that's why it only arrives toward the end of the meal. Although it was very well seasoned, it wasn't as tender and yummy as the ones here.

Verdict :
Cheap Eats & Good Food
Perfect if I ever had a late night Gyros crave ;)
I will definitely come back, maybe in the summer and get take out so there's no wait

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