Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pizzeria Libretto x Porchetta & Co Collaboration

I rush to Pizzeria Libretto (@PizzaLibretto) back in October after seeing their tweets about a Porchetta & Co (@PorchettaAndCo) Pizza... what better than a collaboration between two of my favorite place (^_^).

I loved it and have been wishing that it would be permanently on their menu but it was only a 3 day special.... but little would I know that this will earn Chef Rocco (@ChefRoccoTO) the title of Canadian Pizza maker of the year .... I rush over when it made a special come back for the weekend 2 weeks ago while they are headed to Las Vegas for the International Pizza Expo competition where Chef Rocco takes 2nd place in the world finals! Congrats!!!

Pizzeria Libretto x Porchetta & Co Pizza
~ porchetta, fior di latte, cream, truffle oil, rapini, chillies, cracklings
This is the best collab ever, everything was so perfect here, perfect porchetta as always, perfect flavors, perfect texture, perfect colors, perfect everything....

They always ask if you wanted bread and being the pig that we are, we couldn't pass ;)
I just ♥ bread

I order my usual 1/4L of white to go with my pizza, this time it was the Tawse Chardonnay $18 and Ben decided to try their Libretto Forte IPA which we both loved. Their new house beer is very full flavored and thirst quenching which was perfect with pizza.

Braised Beef Shank $12
~ crispy polenta, grana padano, herbs
We thought this was very Chinese influence with very strong five spice flavor... apart from the cheese and the polenta, I would have thought this was a Chinese dish. But the combination was so good and love the polenta that soaked up all the yummy sauce.

Margherita D.O.P. $13
~ tomato, basil, mozzarella
I sub Ontario Fior di Latte Mozzarella for Ontario Mozzarella di Buffala for $3 and it really worth it... try it once and you know what I mean.
This is one of my all time favorite pizza here, love the simplicity where you get to taste the flavor of every components... and did I mention they have the best sauce (^_^)

Verdict :
Great Food, Great Drink, Great Atmosphere, Great Service
Just as good as ever and now they even have their own yummy beer, what else can I ask for

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