Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hoof Café (Pt 2)

After our brunch here at Hoof Café (@TheBlackHoof), we went back 2 weeks ago for more.

I am always so impress when a restaurant have a smaller kitchen then most people home and how could 3 men move without bumping into each other.

Octo & Grits $16
The grits was way too smooth, not as coarse as grits should be while the batter that coated the octopus was quick thick and not crispy.... but love the presentation and the dots of hot sauce.

 Fuit N' Nut Challah Toast $10 + Foie $15
Ok, anything taste better with foie gras but I have to say that I wish a softer or airier bread was use instead. Love the fluffy whipped cream and fruits on the side which goes perfectly with the foie and toast.

Side of Hash Browns $4
Not sure what's added to it but it had a slightly chewy texture to this which I love (rice flour?!?) and love how it's fried to such a beautiful golden brown color.

Side of House Bacon $5
No brinch is complete without Bacon according to the bf (^_^)
But this was perfect with the leftover toast that didn't get a piece of the foie gras ;)

Verdict :
Perfect brunch place for someone who like unconventional brunch/breakfast person.
Love it both times and will definitely be back for more.

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  1. I think I would like the Foie gras even it is high cholesterol, t seems quite tasty.