Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Good Earth Bistro (Beamsville)

Back in November we headed to wine country once again but this time to Beamsville instead of our usual NOTL (Niagara on the Lake) area (outfit post here). Beamsville host one of my fave winery, Megalomaniac (post here) which was unfortunately close that day. I felt deeper in love of this area since the All-Stars in the Vineyard event at Rosewood Estate Winery (@Rosewoodwine) here.
Spring is coming, so I thought I would share these places with everyone for a relaxing yummy weekend getaway.

After dropping by a few wineries, we got a few recommendation for lunch and decided to give  

Half store selling wines and things like homemade preserve.

the other half was the bistro which look incredible homey.... as we were eating, the place filled up pretty fast given that it was a Thursday

Since we couldn't decide which wine to order, the lady kindly gave us a quick tasting (^_^)
We end up ordering a glass each and i love the Betty's Blend which was 50% Chardonnay, 25% Riesling and 25% Sauvignon Blanc with a very balance note of citrus and floral notes.... very crisp and fresh after a lot of red wine tasting we had. Oh and don't you love the pink bottle ;)

Vintner's Platter $14
~ Foie Gras Pâté Brûlée, Duck Rillette & Game Pâté
Did I need to say more other than foie gras pâté brûlée... so good, the sugar crust was very thin and on the burnt side which sweetness didn't overwhelm the foie gras taste. Love everything here

Arancini $10
~ Golden Filled Rice Balls w/ mushrooms & light tomato sauce, shaved Pecorino
 Super thin crispy outer shell with super creamy rice and earthy mushroom and a very light tomato sauce... all the flavor and texture are well balance here without overwhelming each other

 Shrimp & Calamari Quinoa w/ Lobster Sauce
(Special of the day)
Perfect since I love quinoa with perfectly cook shrimp and calamari... while quinoa are healthy, the lobster sauce was just so indulgent and my stomach definitely needed of coating of the creaminess with all the wine I was consuming that day.

Chef's Hot Pot of the Day $16
~ Chicken Pot Pie
We thought the chicken was rather dry and rubbery since only chicken breast meat was used but other than that, everything was delicious. Even the salad was incredibly fresh with just a light lemon olive oil dressing.

Verdict :
Loved all of the dishes 
I will definitely come back next time I am in the area
Great food, Great Service and very affordable price for a tourist-y location

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