Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Electric Mud BBQ

Colin Tooke and Ian McGrenaghan, the duo behind Grand Electric (@grandelectricTO) (post here) open up a sister restaurant called Electric Mud BBQ (@ElectricMudBBQ) which open up rather quietly/ without much hyped less than 2 weeks ago.

 Ben and I decided to venture there this past Friday and we got there at around 8:00pm and waited for around 45 minutes for a table... It wasn't that bad since they take down your number and call you when the table is ready (we went nest door to Kanji for some sake). We were seated right next to the door which was freezing cold since the door keep opening and they don't even have a curtain or double door to break up the breeze. This deducted major points for us since not only we were cold but the food gets cold withing seconds (>~<)

The tacos have been replaced with Southern inspired BBQ but with some not so traditional dishes like pig ears and pig tails

 They offer a few cocktails selection which are mostly bourbon base and also beer on tap or by the bottle/can. Ben tried the Agua Loca Lager $6 and I went with one of my fave Montreal beer,

Be careful of how many dishes you order since everything tends to come at once and given where our table was, a lot of dishes we tried was cold by the time we ate it.


 Pork Rinds $3.50
 This was served warm with seasoning sprinkled on top which was spicy which I love... 
♥love it so much that I order a 2nd to finish up my glass of beer.

Crispy Pig's Ear Salad $10.50
 ~ w/ an egg, romaine lettuce and a buttermilk dressing
The dressing was was too sweet and the pig's ear wasn't that crispy... this dish failed for us even though I love pig's ear, after just a bite Ben gave up on this and I had to finish the whole thing.

Buffalo Pig's Tails $12.50
It was a fatty flavorful fall-off-the-bone goodness and definitely our fave dish of the night ♥

Ribs $13.50
Love the peanut-crusted presentation and the sauce but thought the ribs wasn't the fall off the bone type that we like

 Pork Belly $12.50
First of all, wasn't impress with the "wonder" bread presentation which felt out of place... as if the only purpose was to fill up the plate space. The pork belly wasn't crispy nor melt in your mouth good.. it wasn't bad but just really not memorable.

Soft Serve Ice Cream $3.50

 Please note that they only take cash, we didn't had enough and their ATM didn't work so Ben had to walk a block over to a bank at the end of the meal. So better be prepare and get bring enough cash.

Need to go back to try the Fried Chicken (was sold out) & Duck Ham
and will be back for more of the Pig's Tails & Pork Rinds for sure.
Service was great and very friendly.
The music was super loud (w/not so great speakers), so not a place to go if you want to chat.
Wish they would do something about their door since it wasn't even a very cold night since cold food ruins everything.

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