Thursday, March 7, 2013

Treadwell Farm to Table Cuisine (St Catharines)

After lunch here and more wine tasting/buying in Beamsville and NOTL (Niagara on the Lake) at some of my fave wineries like the one here & here), we drove for around 20 minutes to St Catharines' Treadwell Farm to Table Cuisine (Twitter: @treadwellresto).

Fell in love with their pizza back at Southbrook Vineyard where had the tour and lunch pairing (post here) and found out that they actually had a restaurant, so I just had to go try and also because I'm a great fan of farm to table cuisine... afterall, everything taste better fresh (^_^)

Chef and owner Stephen Treadwell was former Chef de Cuisine at O&B's Auberge du Pommier which get me excited since it's sort of a quality promise.

Really nothing much about the place, pretty old school but it was right by the lake and heard the open up their patio during summer which must be very scenic and relaxing and we were already planning our trip back in the summer as we were eating

The lighting was really dim and yellow, so forgive me if the pictures are not that great since I didn't want to use flash.

Ben went ahead with the Prix Fixe that they had while to choose from the regular menu.
While the offer wine pairing for all of their dishes, we opted in a glass each since we already drank so much throughout the day
Roasted Butternut Squash Gnocchi
~ w/ Crumbled Ermite Blue & Toasted Almond Ground Butter
The gnocchi was so fluffy and was surprise at how well the sweet squash goes with the blue cheese.

Chardonnay Steamed P.E.I Mussels
He decided on the mussels since the other 2 options was salad and he didn't want salad (typical men).

Cumbrae Beef Short Ribs
I have to say that they do have pretty big portion, both of us had difficulties finishing our main. 
But the ribs was fall off the bone good and the beef flavor was just intense... I can't really complain about anything about this dish.

Lamb Shank
This was even better than the ribs, love the fatty meat with the super grainy mustard with a touch of rosemary. It was fall off the bone good, so moist and flavorful and you don't even need a knife to eat this. 

Side of Roasted Heirloom Beets

Sticky Toffee Pudding
We were so full already but this was included w/ Ben's prix fixe

Verdict :
Great Service, Great Local Wine List & Great Food
Can't wait to come back in the summer for that gorgeous lakeside patio

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