Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A-OK Foods

A-Ok Foods (@aokfoods) is bought to you by the same people of Yours Truly (see old post here) and I have been meaning to give it a try ever since. Finally made our way there on a Saturday afternoon for lunch. I just need to know if making their noodle in house with their imported Korean noodle machine do make a difference?!
Large window where you get to see where the noodles are made... would love to see it in action ;)

 Love the bright cafeteria benches.

It seems using those Chinese plastic bowls and plates is the thing right now

Shoyu Ramen $10.5
Unlike the other ramen places, A-OK uses a chicken-based shoyu broth which is served with a sous vide pork belly, soft-boiled egg & sesame nori. I have to say that I am very bias here since I like my milky pork bone broth (like the one here) since the chicken broth here somehow lack the complexity of flavors. The noodle had a rather dull color compare to the brighter yellow one we are use to seeing and it is due to the three day aging process which gave it a chewier texture that we really liked. And you can definitely taste the difference cooking the pork belly sous vide made, it was so moist, soft and packed with flavor

 Sichuan Tsukemen $10.5
 Same ramen noodle paired with a dipping sauce made with black bean, Sichuan peppercorns (which gives you a numbing effect) and dried chillies. I was surprise how much I like this given that I am pretty picky about my Sichuan cuisine that I love. The lack of flavor from the shoyu ramen broth is replace here by the yummy spicy numbing sauce and still get the noodles and pork belly that I love, so I will definitely order this again ♥

Chino Wings $8.5
This is suppose to be a Mexican style wings but I feel that it`s more Chinese especially served with the lemon vinaigrette sauce on the side. I personally like it without the sauce since it was way to vinegary tasting to go with the spicy crispy wings. Love how it was served piping hot and super crispy, would love to come back and enjoy it with some sake or beer.

Bulgogi Torta $7.5
I just didn`t like this, the bulgogi was flavorful and moist but with the cheese and guacamole made the light bun way too soggy.... just not good :(

Verdict :
Was pleasantly surprise that I fully enjoyed my experience here.
Will definitely come back for  Sichuan Tsukemen& Chino Wings
Will have to the salt cod inari next time since love it when I had it in Yours Truly.
Love the friendly service with our waitress checking back after every dish.

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