Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Macaron Day Toronto 2013 [EVENT]

As I have announce here, I am one of the ambassador helping to promote Macaron Day Toronto  (@MacaronTO) this year so I took a day off for my macaron crawl on March 20th. Why not Free macaron but also for a great cause (25% of all additional macaron sales on this day will got to a local charity call Red Door Family Shelter). I think I did pretty well, we went to 6 patisseries out of the 18 participating patisseries thanks to a TTC day pass.  And I am also so happy to see how many people are doing the crawl just like us and actually buying boxes of this goodies, did you see all the tweets and pretty Instagram with hashtag #MacaronDayTO (^_^)
I started my day meeting up friends at La Bamboche which is not only the organizer of this event but also my favorite Macaron place in Toronto (see my post here).

Feature Macaron : Raspberry Chocolate
Love the tart raspberry pair w/the thick indulgent chocolate and it match the logo ;)

2nd Stop : Ruelo Patisserie
 You get to choose among 10 flavors and we settle on the Passionfruit & Cassis
I find the filling a tag too cold and hard.... and did I mention I am a bit scared of eating macaron in such bright color?!

This is my 2nd favorite macaron place in Toronto but they have tiny ones :(
Love how many flavors they had especially for this special day, 21 to be exact.

Feature Macaron : Salted Caramel
Also bought: Black Truffle, Hot Tamale (♥it), popcorn, earl grey, sesame & cream cheese passionfruit
They also have the curtest packaging (they should consider packing the black truffle separately since the flavor was so strong that the others sort of catch the flavor)

This was the only patisseries I went to that had such a huge line up, I guess it's because of the convenient location but I was disappointed that they didn't stick to the program and hand out the Free Macaron while the have the poster right there advertising so. What they did was buy 4 get 1 free.

This was probably my least favorite macarons since it was incredibly sweet/crispy/dry/falling apart (to tell you the truth, I only had half). Sorry Chef Thuet but that's the truth but I still love your bread.

They have my favorite cupcake in Toronto (see post here) but I have actually never tried their macaron until now and I have to say that it's quite good as well.

We got to choose any flavor and we went with Earl Grey & Red Velvet

They have some of my favorite treats here including the Passionfruit Marshmallow, Fleur de Sel Chocolate Cookies & Chocolate Toffee w/ hazelnut (that I try to stock up each time I passby)
Perfect pastel color....

 We choose the Passionfruit (my fave) & Salted Caramel.

 We decided that this will be our last stop so we decided to sit down for a drink and relax for a bit in their pretty bright store front ♥ (see my old post here)
(and I had to charge my phone since I tweeted/Instagram way too  much that day)

 This homemade hot chocolate w/ toasted marshmallow on top is a must try, their marshmallow is divine on it's own but it's just heavenly when toasted ;)

Large, Medium and Small... can you guess which is which?!

Verdict :
What a great day, just can't wait until next year and do this all over again.
Wonder how much Red Door Family Shelter made this year, hope we broke last year's record.


  1. I wish i didn't read this first thing in the morning. Sooo hungry and I want to stuff my face with sweets now!

    1. Go get some and you should def do Macaron Day next year ;)