Monday, December 16, 2013

Gourmet Gringos [Latin]

One of Toronto's favorite food truck, Gourmet Gringos (@GourmetGringos) finally open up a brick and motor location at end of October at Bathurst and St.Claire. Not really my ideal choice of location but the space was actually previously use as their kitchen for the trucks and other catering events. But I guess it all end up wells with not much competition around and customer from the neighborhood.

With only around 20 seats, the space is bright and simple with hand written chalkboard menus over the assembly station/counter. You basically order at the counter, grab a seat and they'll bring you the food when ready.

Tamale $6.95
~ Choice of meat, Black Beans, Pico de Gallo, Chipotle Aioli, Queso Fresco
We choose the Molé Beef Short Ribs. I love tamale and I am surprise that not more restaurant would made them. They are Mexican version of Chinese lotus wrap sticky rice to me, always so warm and comforting flavors and texture. The ribs was juicy, moist and flavourful with the perfect amount of heat and amount of all the other ingredients like beans, Pico de Galo and sauce. It was so good that I was tempted to get a second but remembering our early dinner plan Ben promised to come back with me real soon.

Chicken Corn Tortilla Soup $5.95
 This really had a kick to it and it was quite yummy, wish it was slightly thicker but packed with flavors nonetheless.

Argentina Empanadas $6.95 for 2
~ Spiced Ground Beef, Boiled Egg, Green Olive, Chimichurri Sauce
Served piping hot, make sure to be real careful when biting into it since you can easily burn yourself with the hot steam trapped inside. The golden beauties has the perfect amount of stuffing; a balance of flavourful beef, salty olives and creamy egg but let's not forget the kick from the tangy paprika chimichurri dipping sauce.

Cheese Empanadas $6.95 for 2
Yes more empanadas, this came highly recommended by fellow foodie Abbey (@AbbeysKitchen) or else, after the savory one I may have ordered something else for dessert. But def no regrets here, they were so good. They were stuffed full with a very mild savory cheese and simply tossed in sugar. Love the sweet and savory here since I am not a super sweet dessert kind of gal. This was just perfect for me, love the gooyee ooyee cheesy dessert.

Verdict :
Great food at a great value.
With an actual restaurant, we got more items to choose from compare to the limited items with the truck.
Would love to come back for more and try the Salvadorian Pupusas and Tacos next time

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  1. This just adds to the list of reasons why I want to go to Canada!
    This place looks lovely!