Friday, December 27, 2013

TOMA Burger Addiction

Have read some great things about Toma Burger Addiction (@Tomaburger). Yet another burger joint on Queen West and this one bought to you by French Chef Thomos Sedille. Toma was promised to offer burger with a French twist from daily handmade brioche style milk buns to slow-cooked compotes inspired by traditional French recipes. Almost all ingredients are made in house from their sauces, compotes, chutneys and Canadian Angus prime ribs patties.

I didn't bring my camera that day, so those are from my iphone.

Spiced Pear Mojito $9
This have a real kick to it, so if you can't handle hear please don't order this. I find the pear paired incredible with the heat and the mint. Definitely something different but a very easy drinking cocktail.

The Perfect Wedding $12.99
~ Angus beef, Spanish Chorizo, Homemade pear compote, Gorgonzola, sprouts, caramelized onions, walnut
Love sweet and savory combination but this is way too sweet with the sweet milk bun and the huge amount of compote. Not sure if it's the ratio of all the ingredients or not but it didn't really help highlight the amazing patty which was very moist and flavorful. And did I mention the milk bun was amazing which I won't mind eating it on it's own all day long.

The Double Jackpot $24.99
= The Fabulous Las Vegas $19.99 + Foie Gras $8.99
~ Kobe Wagyu beef patty, brie cheese, truffle mayonnaise, caramelized onions, sprouts, truffle olive oil, fleur de sel
Their Instagram account actually commented on my picture saying Kobe and Wagyu are the same thing and they get them from a USA farmers. But Kobe beef is wagyu but wagyu is not necessarily kobe. It can basically only called Kobe beef if it actually come from Japan. So the one from US can only be called Wagyu, a kobe-style beef; so I don't think it can be called Kobe Wagyu. 
 We also waited for our burgers for more than 45 minutes and according to our waitress, it was because the Wagyu burger takes longer to cook...I wonder why it's any different than a regular one? If you ask me that's a way too long wait for a burger given that I expected to get in and out within one hour. Plus the patty was dry and overcooked, we both agreed that the regular Canadian Angus prime rib patty was way more flavorful and moist. This was definitely not worth the extra money, I would rather add the Foie Gras for $8.99 to any of their regular burger instead.

Truffle French Fries $6.99
Free with any burger for your first check in on foursquare.
+ TOMA secret sauce Add $0.99

Verdict :
Will come back just because I love their milk bun
But def no Wagyu Burger for us next time.
With their long wait / turnover time, not sure how competitive they are compare to all the amazing  Burger joint in the area.

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