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Touro Churrascaria Brazilian Steakhouse & Wine Bar

Located right by Hwy 7 and 404, Tauro (@tourosteakhouse) is basically steps away from where I work and yet I have never been. A few weeks ago, I was invited by View the Vibe (@ViewtheVibe) to a Media Tasting dinner.

I have probably pass by a million times but never would have thought how great it would look inside with the high ceiling and all the hanging lights.  I have only been to a Brazilian Style Rodizio (AYCE) restaurant once before but from what I remember there wasn't so many type of meat to choose from and the decor definitely didn't look as great.

I was early since the others had to travel up from downtown and I am glad for once it wasn't the other way around. I was quickly greeted by the owner/managing director and handed a drink by the gorgeous light-up lava rock bar.

This is consider Brazil's national cocktail made with cachaça (rum made from sugar cane), sugar and lime. Love this simple cocktail with just the right amount of tartness and definitely needed it after a long day at work on a Wednesday.

The Appetizer Island
The Rodizo service also include a salad and appetizer buffet with over 40 dishes to choose from in-house baked bread, cured meats, cheeses to a vast array of salads and soup.

These Brazilian Cheese Bread (Pão de Queijo) was so good, it was more of a puff with air inside. Freshly baked in-house, these were so addictive and I probably end up eating 4-5 of them.

Touro's unique concepts offers the traditional Brazilian Steakhouse "Rodizio" service as well as A La Carte menu. The Rodizio feature continuous table-side service of 14 specialty cuts of meat $39.75-44.75pp (8 for lunch at $24.75pp).

Flip your medallion to green to signal the Gauchos to come to your table and start carving. Then just flip over to the red side if you need a break or ready to throw in the white towel.

Choose from a wide variety of select cuts of beef, pork, chicken, lamb, seafood and the super delicious grilled pineapple which is simply coated with cinnamon and brown sugar.

All the meats are slow-cooked over the charcoal open flame on the Churrasqueria 
(Brazilian rotisserie style grill)

Currently Touro is the only restaurant to offer this type of self-serve Enomatic wine lounge which enable guests to load a pre-paid card and choose fro themselves from their 24 selections.

They also offer Wine Tasting Nights two Tuesdays per month from 6:30pm to 9:30pm

 Just choose 1 of the 24 wines, swipe card and press the amount of pour you want (1, 3 or 6 ounces) and voila, wine is being pour into your glass.

A private room featuring a 17 foot natural slab table and may seat up to 20 guests including surround sound system and a 50" TV with Internet connections and enable full skype connectivity. 

They also have a semi private area that seats up to 60 guests and is section off from the main dinning room by a 6 foot tall banquette.

Too bad it was already so cold since they have a 3,000 square feet patio that can hold up to 150 people including a VIP Cabana where bottle service can be provided.

I was surprise at how good their desserts was, especially the platter and I would gladly return just for desserts (^_^) Plus I saw that they have a Passion Fruit Mousse that I am desperate to try

Dessert Tasting Platter $20 (or $6ea)
~ Vanilla bean cheesecake with pineapple jelly
~ Warm apple crumble with caramel sauce
~ Chocolate cake with dark chocolate ganache & raspberry sauce
~ Coconut tart with fresh banana brulee

Cake pop $10 (or $2.50ea)
~ Blueberry, Banana, Chocolate, Coconut and Apple

 Mini Cup Cakes $10 (or $2.50ea)
~ Banana and caramelized pecans
~ Blueberry and line mascarpone icing
~ Chocolate, Buttercream
~ Coconut and caramelized pineapple
~ Spiced Apple with vanilla chantilly

Verdict :
Love everything from the cocktail, the meat and the desserts
I personally can't really seat the $40-45 worth but I would recommend coming in bigger group where you can chat, eat, drink, chat and eat some more.
Would love to come back for their A La Carte menu, enjoy some wine and their yummy desserts.

*** This meal was complimentary but opinions are my own ***
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