Monday, December 30, 2013

The Whippoorwill Restaurant [Brunch]

After an amazing dinner at The Whippoorwill (@WhippoorwillTO) back in August here, I have been tempted to go back after reading reviews about their new menu. Then someone on twitter suggested I try their brunch which is just as amazing.

I guess there's not much brunch spots in the area, so the place was packed when we got there at around 1:00pm inspite of the looming ice storm and we were lucky enough to grab the last table.
You can see pictures of the space from my previous post here.

Martin Picard $9
~ Bacon Infused Jim Beam, Lemon Juice, Worcestershire sauce, Tobasco, Maple Syrup, Mott's Clamato
A meatier version of my fave cocktail, hell yes... how could I resist?! Bacon Infused Bourbon Whisky, Crushed Candied Bacon Rim plus a yummy maple bacon to top it all off; the whole glass is just a yummy bacon goodness. I have had quite a few bacon Caesar before and it 's usually with bacon or bacon bits in it but this one, the drink itself was packed with bacon flavor.

Apple Pancakes $13
~ Maple Syrup, Glazed Apples, Walnut Crumble & Cinnamon Cream
Add Bacon $2.50
This is so pretty just to look at and it smelled extra delicious as well. Love how the thick fluffy pancakes are piled high with the apples and cream on top for even extra height. This was as delicious as it looks. I always crave for both salty and sweet for brunch and can't never decide what to order; this was somehow perfect with the side order of bacon. Love sweet and savory, love the perfect amount of syrup here and the extra texture from the bacon was perfect and the little thing like the walnut crumble make all the difference.

 Poached Eggs $14
~ Buttermilk Biscuit w/ Fried Brussels Sprouts, House Smoked Maple Bacon, Chives & Brown Butter Hollandaise
 The biscuit was amazing, their version is a cross between croissants and flaky pie crust. The smoked maple bacon was just as amazing, perfect with the creamy hollandaise and perfectly poached eggs.

Verdict :
Love it as much as our dinner here
Definitely another fave brunch spot from now on
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