Thursday, December 19, 2013

he said beer, she said... what? [Event]

Back in November when we went to Niagara-on-the-Lake (notl) for Taste the Season (see post here), we headed to Southbrook Vineyard  for one of their event at night. I just can't say no to a showdown of local wine vs local beer. Southbrook Vineyard (@SouthbrookWine) vs. Silversmith Brewery (@SilversmithBrew) with food pairing by The Yellow Pear (@FarmtoTruck).

Can't ask for a better place, with wine and beer pouring, live band playing and the smell of yummy food from the open kitchen. They are one of my fave local winery (see old post here)

Each course we were provided with a glass of beer and wine, then you cast your vote.

 2012 Triomphe Chardonnay vs Silversmith Breakfast Wheat
Chicken Liver w/ Parsnip Puree & Fennel Mint Salad

A traditional German hefeweizen beer with clove and banana flavor, mostly citrus undertone.
The Chardonnay was source from 3 different vineyard, less oak-y than their usual Chardonnay with a pear note to it. 
I have to say Beer win here since it goes so well with the crispy chicken liver so perfectly. I guess the fruity flavor of the beer goes well with the tangerine slice and beer always goes well with any thing deep fried.

My Vote: Beer
Final Count: Beer wins 1st round

2011 Whimsy Winemaker's White vs Silversmith Bang on Bitters
Potato Gnocchi with pear, caramelized onions

An English style beer, low carbonation; a bitter is the first style of beer where they ever add hops to beer (back then beer used to be sweeter, that's why this style of beer is call bitter). The IBU Bitter cut down the richness of this creamy dish.
Whimsy is reserve for small lot, combine with Semillon which will cut through the richness. I personally find the beer too bitter for this dish and find white always goes better with creamy sauces.

My Vote: Wine
Final Count: Wine wins 2nd round

2007 Poetica Cabernet Merlot vs Silversmith Black Lager
Braised Beef Short Ribs with Polenta

Ben had two pint of this on top of all the tasting, that's how good this was.  It has a strong malty East German Schwarzbier with coffee flavor on the front with a heavy chocolate aftertaste.
The wine have a lot of fruity flavor with hint of clove, vanilla and mint which goes perfectly with the ribs.  Although we both love the stout, I still prefer the wine with the ribs while Ben preferred the beer.

My Vote: Wine
Final Count: Wine wins 3rd round

The regular menu of The Yellow Pear (@FarmtoTruck) was still available after the pairing so we decided to order one more thing.

 Fried Chicken Sandwich  $10
~ Caramalized Onion, Spicy Beer Mayo, Lettuce on a Soft Bun
It was so good, perfect to end our wine tasting day (ahem... drinking day)

 We love their beer so much that we just had to drop by Silversmith Brewery (@SilversmithBrew)the next day to pick up the Black Lager to bring home.
They converted a disused Anglican church in the heart of NOTL as their headquarters.

We were amazed by the architectural detail of the 19th century church with the stained glass window, the wooden arc and all the dark wood details that came with age.
There was even a live band playing. It was definitely great to take a break from all the winery in the area and I guess even the locals agree since the place was packed when we drop by at around 4pm.
 We had a complimentary tasting of their 4 beer (the 3 above plus the Oyster Stout which they put actual oysters at the final brewing stage) but we still like the Black Lager best which we end up buying a few bottles home.

It was great to get both beer and wine pairing to try instead of having to choose one.
What a great event, it was such a fun night.

Wine wone 2 to 1 at the end #HeSaidSheSaid 
#LocalWine vs #LocalBeer