Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Dinning Room at Ridgepoint Wines [20 Valley]

Before heading to Niagara-on-the-Lake Day#2 for Taste the Season (post here) and after our haul at Megalomaniac Winery (@MegalomaniacJHC), we decided to head next door to The Dinning Room at Ridgepoint Wines (@Ridgepointwines) for lunch. I really have never heard of this winery before but why not give it a try since it was recommended by the people at Megalomaniac.

Very simple decor, nothing but a very casual restaurant serving Italian fare like fresh made pastas. We were early so the place was empty but heard from our server that the day before, the place was packed and they are sold out of a few items.

Freshly Baked Bread
This came piping hot and it was so good that I can munch on it these all day long.

Soup of the day $9
Made with fresh local produce, this was hot freshly made soup was perfect for that cold windy day.

Ridgepoint Nebbiolo Bolognese $22
~ Nebbiolo-stewed Alberta Beef and Ontario Pork, fresh paperdella and aged Canadian cheddar
We tend to order papardelle whenever we see it on the menu and this was amazing. Freshly made pasta does make a difference, there was just the right amount of sauce, meat and cheese that you still taste the egg-y flavor of the pasta. Doesn't it look beautiful (^_^)

Roberto's Linguini $14
~ Fresh linguini tossed with preserved tomato sauce finished with cold pressed olive oil and Parmigiano Reggiano
I love how everything was served piping hot which warm us up and prepare us for all the wine tasting ahead. We always like to order something simple and we wanted to try the preserved tomato sauce which was a tad salty for me but nonetheless, it was still delicious with the freshly made pasta.

2007 Meritage $8
We decided to give their wine a try but since we are heading to more wine tasting, we decided to just share a glass.

Verdict :
Nothing beats simple cooking, fresh ingredients 
And who can say no to freshly made pasta
It's always best to fill up before drinking, this was perfect.
Great big portion and quite avoidable priced given where we are.
Just looking at these picture make me crave for some fresh pastas =P

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