Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Patois [Chinese Caribbean]

Patois (@patoistoronto) is serving what they describe as "Caribbean meets Asian Soul Food" which is definitely better than the very scary word "fusion".

The décor is hard to describe with colorful chairs, the fun inflatable buoys, the big Mom sign at the back and black & white old photographs hanging on one wall... somehow everything just goes together and it's fun.

 Daily special on the board and love the bright red Juicy Jerk sign.

Not only do they have daily cocktail specials, they also served them in Chinese  teapots that can serve 3-4ppl at $40. Will have to get that next time.

Jamaican Patty Double Down $7
~ Two cocktail patties, bacon, Swiss cheese fondu, sriracha
The patties were nice and flaky and filled with yummy beef. Never would have imagine Jamaican patty would be so much better with cheese, bacon and sriracha.

Juicy Jerk Chicken $17 Full Order (or $11 Half Order)
~ Churrasco, rotisserie roasted
Heard so many good thing about this that we came here mainly to try this and as the name suggest, it was indeed very juicy. Done Portuguese style, it was very moist and love all the spices here although wished there was a bit of heat to it like most Jerk. And caution to the orange habanero sauce on the side, it's extremely spicy. At first I was thinking that they gave us too little of the sauce but it was plenty since a tiny dot already gives you quite a bit of heat.

O.G.Fried Chicken & Watermelon Pickle $12 Half Order (or $18 Full Order)
~ Thai Basil and sweet sriracha
This was amazing, I wouldn't say there's much Caribbean or Chinese flavors/influence to it but it's a solid lightly batter crispy moist Deep Fried Chicken. And did I mention how delicious the watermelon and radish pickled on the side was, just wish there was more of that ♥

Dirty Fried Rice $11
~ Red Sausage, sweet soya sauce, Cajun trinity, peas and farm egg
Heard so many great things about this dish, so I was expecting quite a mind blowing experience but I was disappointed. I thought it was just a overly greasy fried rice with nothing special to it and at $11 for that tiny plate, but Ben seems to really liked it.

 Pineapple Cheesecake stuffed French Toast
This item was so popular from their Brunch menu that they now also features it on their dessert menu. This was probably my favorite dish of the night and I am definitely switching to Pineapple bun for my French toast at home form now on (^_<) For those of you who have never had a Pineapple bun from a Chinese Bakery before, it's originated from Hong Kong and actually do not contain any pineapple but only because the sweet topping/crust resemble a pineapple. But here they added pieces of pineapple, just love the texture and combination of all the flavors here especially the cream cheese.
And nothing to beat a warm dessert during winter. Will definitely have to come back to try their Chinese Pineapple Bun Burger!

Love the idea of their version of the round Chinese restaurant "lazy-Susan" table with skateboards wheels.

Definitely a fun place and something that will please any crowd.
Hopefully will be back for the "Whole Shebang" at $99 where you get to try the whole menu and feeds 3-4ppl.
The Pineapple Cheesecake French Toast was so amazing that I'll come back in a heart beat just for that.
Will have to come back to try the rest of the menu.

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