Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Philz Coffee [San Francisco]

We just happens to pass by Philz Coffee (@PhilzCoffee) on our way here and since it was on my to-try list and it's early in the morning, we just had to stop by.

Currently they have 18 locations with more to come and this was the Civic Center location in San Francisco (see all the locations here). It was early morning, so there was quite a line up with people on their way to work.

So many roast to choose from and made fresh manually, no drip machine here.

But I was here for their Mint Mojito Iced Coffee; after hearing about this from a friend, I made it my mission to come and try it since mojito is one of my favorite cocktail after all and it's combine with another love of my live COFFEE. This was very refreshing with plenty of mint leaves crushed just like you would a mojito (not fake syrup) , it was more milk/cream than coffee but I guest if the coffee was too strong it would overpower the mint taste. It was a super refreshing and yummy drink, loved it although it didn't satisfied my coffee addiction (oh well, I end up trying 2 other coffee places that day)

Will definitely try making one this summer since we don't have it here in Toronto (^_<)
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