Friday, January 16, 2015

Wiseys Pies & Bakehouse

Saw some pictures online and just can't wait to try our the newly opened Wiseys Pies & Bakehouse (@WiseysPiesTO).

They served Kiwi-style meat pies here with tender, flakey crust and filled with rich, savoury ingredients but they also serve sweet latticed fruit pies.

A very cottage vibe, love this brightly lite spot here with the barn board wall.

We opted for the more traditional ones but they also have flavors like Butter Chicken and Thai Green Curry etc.

Mince & Cheese Pie $5.50
 This was our favorite out of the two we tried since it was more saucy and give you a much warmer feeling for this cold winter day.

Steak & Tomato & Bacon Pie $6

There's no secret here with all the cup and bags on bean on display they use Pilot Coffee here and it's kind of guarantee to be good.

Ginger Crunch
 This was so good, intense ginger flavor with a crunchy bottom. It wasn't very sweet like most squares tend to me, so perfect with a hot cut of coffee or tea.

Would love to try some of their other treats, especially the Afghan cookie.
On a side note, wish their treat on display correspond to the name they had written on it since it was all mixed up and it was very confusing.


Although we did enjoy it, it was nothing amazing for us to go out of the way to go back with nothing else for us to do around the area (they are located at Eglinton and Laird)... but if we happen to be around, we'll definitely drop by again.
When we got there, there was 4 girls behind the bar and was very confusing as to who is serving who.
With all the up and coming Pie shop in Toronto, I thing they will have to up their game a bit.

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