Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Spicy Tofu [Recipe]

Spicy Tofu [Recipe]

I instagram this a week ago and seems like a lot of people are interested, as usual I do not have the exact measurements so please taste as you go. This is a very simple with minimal cooking recipe, hope you all like it.
Ingredients :
Firm Tofu
Minced Garlic & Ginger
Soy Sauce
Korean Gochujang Sauce
Rice Vinegar (optional)
Seasame Oil
Green Onions
Sesame Seeds
1) Pat dry your tofu with paper towel before slicing, it really depends on the tofu but some do have more water than others. If the brand you use tends to splatter a lot when you pan fried it, you may need an extra step. You may want to rub a bit of salt on it, let it sits for 10 minutes or so and then rice it and pat dry with paper towel.
2) Pan fried the sliced tofu, depending what kind of texture you want you can slice it thin or thicker. I like mine thin so it's crispy. I also tried to use a non-stick pan so I can use minimal of oil. Pan fry both sides until golden brown.
3) Mix the other ingredients together and taste as you go. I like to add a bit of Rice vinegar to it for the acidity and also to thin the sauce but it's optional (you can use water too if you find it too thick)
4) Top the tofu with the sauce or keep it on the side as dipping sauce.
~ I like to grate my garlic and ginger with a micro grater which make it a lot easier.
~ For better presentation, you can leave the green onions and sesame seeds out of the sauce and sprinkled on top instead.
~ Switch up the Gochujang Sauce with other hot sauces like Sriracha or even use Korean pepper flakes for a runnier sauce which would go perfect with a less firm/softer tofu.

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  1. I love crispy tofu so I'll cook it your way, thin! I'll serve it whether with brown rice or quinoa. My mouth is already watering!