Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Swan Oyster Depot [San Francisco]

Swan Oyster Depot being name one of the best Oyster Bar in the states (example here&here) and also being featured in Anthony Bourdain's Layover episode here, this was a must eat place during our San Francisco trip. Opened since 1912, this tiny 18 stools oyster bar is famous for it's hour long line up by both locals and tourist alike. To avoid the long line up, we decided to head there bight and early at 10:30am their opening time. The place was filled up right away and a line start forming outside, who would have guess there would be so many people who want oysters for breakfast.

It was a very narrow space with the bar running through the whole space with memorabilia and old pictures of the place

Love the setup in front of us with the crackers, mignonette, fresh horseradish and lemons

We were quickly offered some Sourdough Bread with tons of butter... Sourdough is basically synonym with San Francisco, I wonder if every restaurant there serve just that?! Don't get me wrong I like sourdough but I tend to prefer it on it's own with butter since the flavor is pretty strong, I find it a bit overpowering paired with other food.

Clam Chowder Bowl
Full of clams and potatoes, it wasn't very thick and heavy as I expected but still felt very hearty.

Clam Cocktail
All freshly shuck with all the juices served with a huge bowl of their cocktail sauce on the side. Love how they kept all the salty sweet juices since it's pure goodness. I thought the cocktail sauce was a bit too sweet, I prefer it a lot better on it's own since it was so fresh and sweet.

Dozen Oyster
Our server did carefully explain each of the oysters but we obviously didn't have time it mark it down before digging in. 

Crab Back
This wasn't on the menu but eyed it by their window and I just had to ask if we can order it. We usually call it Crab Shell but we were told that it should be Crab back and yes we can order it on it's own. I was in heaven, after sharing one it was just not enough so we decided to order a 2nd one. SO GOOD!!! Wish we could have gone back for another round before leaving.

Love my Crab fat! 

Note: Cash Only
The seafood is as fresh as you can get but love the atmosphere above all with regulars chatting away while waiting for their takeouts and deliveries all happening in the small space/counter.

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