Friday, February 27, 2015

Akiko's Restaurant [San Francisco]

When we went to Akiko's Restaurant (@akikorestaurant), the outside was under renovation so no luck with a nice picture of the storefront but from online pictures it look pretty cute. Upon entering there's the standard sushi bar which made me pretty skeptical but at the back, there's another cute space. Love the expose brick and pipes which remind me of street food stalls back in Asia.

Akitabare Koshiki Junzukuri "Nothern Skies" Sake $24.00
Mild and dry, this is the type of sake that I can keep drinking and pairs perfectly with sushi.

 We decided to have the Omekase but they do not really have a standard menu for it, it's basically Chef's selection. Give them a budget and they will stop serving if you've had enough or more and everything is charged per serving on the bill.

Ohitashi $6
Love this spinach steeped in the light flavorful dashi sauce

Agedashi Tofu $9.00
  Light crispy soft center tofu, was so good when soaked up in that soy broth served piping hot. 

 Tenjyou Buri, Umimasu Salmond, Kuro Maguro

Kegani Crab
Love these horsehair crab sushi on a spoon, cute presentation and easy bite.


Hotate (scallops)
 Nama Ebi
Sunazuri, Shiro Toro

Usually like to have my ebi head raw just to suck out all the goodness but this was perfectly fried and seasoned.

 Sawara (Spanish Makarel), Masaba, Kinmedai (sea bream)

Red Bean Ice Cream Mochi

I wouldn't say it's very memorable but all the fishes was extremely fresh.
Overall, we really enjoyed our meal here with friendly and amazingly knowledgeable staff.
Pretty reasonable for total of around US$240 for 2 people tax in.

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