Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Mama Bear Taiwanese Cuisine 熊媽媽 [Taiwanese]

Heard so many amazing thing about Mama Bear Taiwanese Cuisine 熊媽媽 from friends and finally get to drop by back in December. Love this place! Taiwanese cuisine is hard to come by in Toronto, so this will hopefully stay.

Taiwanese Burger 割包 $4.99
Unlike the usual pork belly boa that we are so used to, this one come with Chinese pickled mustard greens that's on the sweeter side and a mix of peanuts + sugar. Have always love the sweet and savory combination of this dish and am glad to know where to find it now.

Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken 鹽酥雞 $7.99
Remember the crispy fried basil is a must in this dish and wish they had more of it, totally make this dish much more fragrant and delicious. You can find this in most Bubble Tea places but they never have that basil in there.

 Rock Sugar Pork Hock Combo 冰糖豬腳飯套餐 $8.99
As the name suggest, it's on the sweet side but I find it rather one dimentional (just sweet) and wished it had more of a balance with the savory side... a stronger and more flavorful soy flavor? The side dish was nothing special but had a really homey feel to it and what a great deal.

 Beef Noodle 紅燒牛肉麵 $7.99 (small)
Loved it and definitely one of the best one in Toronto, perfectly cooked beef with the perfect ratio of the meat, fat and tendon and perfect amount of sauce in the soup. I am craving for one as I am writing this.

Deep Fried Smelly Tofu 炸臭豆腐 $5.99 (small)
 Not very stinky but I think it's a good thing, most other places that sells them will wreck of the smell and you'll leave stinky and dirty but it didn't happen here. In spite of the mild stink level, it was still delicious with the perfectly pickled cabbage on the side (plenty of sauce at the table to be added, love mine with extra serving of garlic chili sauce). 

 Heysong Sarsaparilla 黑松沙士 $2
Never knew Sarsaparilla is a thing in Asia, thought it was a long forgotten old fashion pop that no one drink anymore... Thought Root Beer was the replacement this days... Sarsaparilla to me taste like coke and root beer combine with a little bit of spices and this one is the Taiwanese version produced since 1950.

We definitely over order for the 2 of us but it only cam to a total of $42.90 incl. tax.
Love it here and definitely will come back for more, already have eyes on several other dishes

Hope they will start opening for Lunch during the weekend.

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  1. They do have lunch on weekends. Do you like this more than Papa Chang?