Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Brock Sandwich

Open since 2013, I was surprise that Brock Sandwich (@BrockSandwich) was never on my "list" before, I only decided to go when I saw a picture of their sandwich on Instagram a few weeks ago.

The place is rather small, more of a take out counter since they have less than 10 seats.
You order at the counter, take a seat & food will be bought over when ready. Love the casual friendliness here, they checked on us twice to make sure we are enjoying our meal.

Soup of the day $6
We order the large size and we were immediately offer to split into 2 bowl for us.
This was a vegan vegetable and chic pea soups and it was so delicious that I can't believe there's not the slightest bit of meat in it.

Brisket Sandwich
This wasn't on the menu, we originally wanted to order the porchetta but we were quickly told that the brisket was just done so we switch without hesitation. Love Love Love it!!! It had just the right amount of fatty and it was also perfectly moist. Delicious! Also love how the bun hold up to all the meat and the saucy caramelized onions.

Vegan BBQ Smoked Jack Fruit Sandwich $10
~ Pulled Jack Fruit with Vegan Coleslaw, BBQ Sauce
OMG!!! Still can't believe it's not meat. When it first came, I almost thought they gave us the wrong order, definitely look like pulled pork to me. Only at my second bite that I felt/tasted the difference in the texture and taste. I feel like the BBQ sauce help in the illusion and the secrets was the canned green jackfruit that they get from Asian groceries.

Love ♥
Affordable and Friendly
Will have to come back to try their other sandwich especially the Fried Chicken and the burger.

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