Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Iryewon Asian Fusion Restaurant - Man Ri Jang Sung [Korean-Chinese]

Iryewon Asian Fusion Restaurant (Man Ri Jang Sung) was recommended by none other than Justine (@foodigatorJ aka my go to anything Korean bestie) when asked for a place for Spicy Korean Seafood Noodle.

This place is known for their Korean Chinese style food! We arrive at around 1:00pm on a Sunday and the place was packed, we had to wait in line but fortunately it's pretty quick. We were seated within 15 mins. They have a bunch of combos available but it was only in Korean, so no idea what kind of deal they have but the rest is in both Korean and English.
Side Dishes : Kimchi, Raw Onions, Black Bean Sauce & Pickled Raddish

Kam Pung Ki ($16.99 Small)
~ Sweet & Spicy Chicken
 Love this, perfect sticky sauce and mostly brown chicken meat (white meat tends to me too dry) ♥♥♥
This is pretty mild, so wished it was slightly spicier. Need to come back for dinner and get this with soju or makkoli. This also comes in Large for $26.99 which is huge when I saw another table ordering it.

Ja Jang Myum $6.99
~ Veggie, beef and black bean sauce noodle
Rather mild which I love (no msg or overly salty) with just the right chewy noodle but though the sauce was a tad runny since it didn't cling to the noodle very well which less us with a lot of it at the end after finishing the noodles.

Sam Sun Cham Pong $10.99
~ Spicy Seafood Noodle Soup w/ extra seafood
The regular one is only $8.99, I really don't find there's much seafood but mostly veggies so I would say we could have save that extra $2. This is probably their signature dish since everyone was ordering this and it was on a poster. Love the flavorful seafood soup which was not the slightest bit salty, the healthy non-msg version of a Spicy Instant Noodle

Same king of noodle as the black bean which I like, would be great if there's more al-dente options as well (something more ramen or instant noodle like).

Loved it, although the selections are limited.
 Would definitely come back especially to try the Sweet & Sour Pork which I saw a lot of people ordering and look super yummy.
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