Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Marben [Winterlicious 2015]

I have been a fan of Marben Restaurant (@MarbenResto) since it first open and remain so even after they change chefs & concept (see my post here, here, here and here) since I love their food as well as their service.
I was a bit disappointed this time, first we have to wait over 15 minutes for our table with a reservation which is fine since I understand they are but during Winterlicious but then we sat at our table for over 25 minutes without being served... nop, no smile or nob, no water, no nothing until we waived someone over which we have to in turn wait a few more minutes for our actual waiter to come over. Plus there wasn't even a drink menu, no cocktail for brunch?! Not even simple ones like Caesar or Mimosa?! Ben only knew what to ordered just because he saw the beer on tap while waiting.

$23 Prix Fixe Winterlicious Lunch
This was a pretty good deal given they featured the same menu for dinner at $35 instead.

Steamed P.E.I Mussels
~ with Chorizo, Lemongrass, Ginger & Chili
This was a rather huge portion for an appetizers for a $23 prix fixe menu, after eating this with a few slice of bread I was almost full. Love the lemongrass and chili here which was refreshing and very fragrant, great change from the usual tomato or white wine sauce.

Smoked Potato & Truffle Soup
~ with Celeriac Tartare
This came barely warm which I think took away from the taste, the truffle oil was way too overpowering and the whole think tasted weird. And with the cold temperature outside, a hot bowl of soup would have been great.

John's Burger
~ with Aged Cheddar Cheese, Branston Chutney and Hand cut fries
Their famous burger, have always love it and will probably always will but only wished it was less well cooked, would love to see a little bit of pink in the middle. 

Zarazuela : Spanish Seafood Stew
~ with Prawns, Squid & Octopus in a Saffron-Red Pepper Broth
Love my entrée but wished there was less potato or maybe in smaller pieces?! Would love to have a grain or pasta instead of the potato, Orzo would have been great.

Nutella Crème Brulee
Love the super thick burnt crust, tried it last time we were here and loved it so much that we just had to order it again. We were fighting over this, should have order this for both our dessert.

Vanilla Panna Cotta
~ w/ Fresh Basil and Grappa


Overall it was a delicious meal in spite of lacking service at the beginning.
Def need to work on the serving temperature of the soup.

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