Thursday, February 5, 2015

Bake Shoppe [Bakery]

Previously know as Wedding Cake Shoppe, Bake Shoppe (@bakeshoppeTO) is the new and improve version. The previous name kinda confuse people since people would assume it's only Wedding cakes but unknown to their other goodies like cupcakes (post here) and macaron (post here) that's also available for sale.

The rebranded shop still have those beautiful custom wedding cakes, my fave cupcakes (although with only 3 daily flavors) but also a lot of other goodies.

Love the display cases with a pink glow from the Baked light sign.
I was so disappointed that the were sold out of their Pop Tarts that are filled with Nutella or seasonal jams... another reason to go back soon.

Homemade Flakies
Filled with jam & cream yet the pastry/shell remain crisp and soft, would have thought it'll get soggy sitting there. Love it especially with my coffee.

 Triple Chocolate Brownie
This was a huge piece of such an intense brownie but it was so good that Ben finished it in a heartbeat while I manage to only get a bite.

S'mores Bar
Soft graham crust, rich chocolate layer and toasted to order homemade marshmallow. Just the smell of it will make you a fan, this was so good. 

We originally only ordered one Cappuccino to go with our trip thinking that we'll try out a new coffee shop afterwards but after a sip, we ordered a second. We were both pleasantly surprise that they served such good coffee and I later learned that it's i Deal Coffee, no wonder.

Will definitely go back to try their other goodies especially the pop tarts.
Love everything we had ♥♥♥

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