Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Doughnut Vault [Chicago]

Read amazing reviews online and we decided to head over on our second day, we decided to take a taxi over since it was raining... somehow the taxi driver work previously as their supplier and told us that Doughnut Vault (@doughnutvault) is the best there is in Chicago with everything handmade. It was around 11:00am and the driver warned us that they may have already sold out, apparently they have line up from the time they open at 8:00am from Tue-Fri and 9:30am on Sat until they run out. 
I think we were lucky that most of the doughnuts were still available when we got there, I guess mainly because of the horrible weather.
Their menu is pretty simple with the regular flavors plus a special of the day which you can check through their website or twitter. And remember it's Cash only.

It's a really small store and love the warn yellow glow with the vintage decor.

Ben was the one who choose the place and when I ask what type of doughnut they had, he had no clue. Why I ask you said.... because I don't really like cake base doughnuts since it too heavy and tends to be too sweet for me.

But fortunately they had both and we obviously bought the yeast base one which was incredibly light, airy and spongy... press it flat and it bounce right back to it's shape. Basically the doughnut itself wasn't sweet at all, it only relies on the glaze for it's sweetness which made it really easy to eat and although of it huge size, we had no problem finishing it.

I wished we tried all the flavors, even the cake base ones but we had a full day ahead and wouldn't be able to finish it or carry it around.

Verdict :
Love it and would recommend anyone who is heading to Chicago
Would definitely come back again if I'm back to the windy city.

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