Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Girl & The Goat [Chicago]

We didn't manage to get a reservation but decided to take a chance and walk in... Girl & The Goat (@StephAndTheGoat) being ranked really high on a lot of US best restaurant list, this was a must try for me.

We decided that we wouldn't go to high end restaurant with $200 tasting menu on this trip which I don't mind since I tend to like more casual hip restaurant better.
We arrive at dinner plan and was told that there was a one hour wait, but after 20 minutes of wait or so we were given a spot at the communal table  by the kitchen with a 2 hour limit.


 It was definitely a bigger space than I have expected, love the huge open kitchen along the back wall with the wood shelves for all the different plates and bowls on display.

Love the goat icon on everything from the paper napkin ring, the back of the men and t-shirts of the staff which have a different saying about goat on each of them.

Stecca $4
Love the house cultured butter and the lemony sauce but the bread was very very oily... so oily that you don't really want to touch it and you'll notice that "oily" is a theme here.

 Roasted Cauliflower $11
~ pickled peppers, pine nuts, mint
This seems to be all the rage these days with all the restaurant serving these, so I have to order their version. Although tasty, I find it extremely oily.

Escargot Ravioli $15
~ bacon, tamarind-miso sauce
Love the intense sauce, love the fresh pasta and escargot ravioli was a rather strange combination, yet everything work really well together here.

Confit Goat Belly $19
~ Bourbon Butter, lobster n' crab, fennel
Again this sat on a pool of oil, why why why all this oil? bourbon butter?.... you could taste the goat flavor really well which we liked but thought it needed a bit of salt, it was rather bland especially with all that oil which tasted disgusting after a bite or so. I found the lobster and crab rather unnecessary since it didn't really go with the dish or meat,

Wood Oven Roasted Pig Face $16
~ sunny side egg, tamarind, cilantro, red-wine maple, potato stix
I was so happy when this arrived since it doesn't look that oily but again it was rather bland, dry and that's all I could remember about this dish.

Sticky Date Cake $8
~ seedling blueberry preserves, montamore gelato & chips
Dessert was probably the best part of the meal, love the warm date cake with the cheese ice cream

Bittersweet Chocolate $8
~ toffee, shitake-caramel gelato, shitake gastrique
Are you kidding me shitake gelato, we just had to ordered this. Love the dark chocolate and the shitake actually work and you could actually taste the earthy mushroom flavor.

Loved the space and the service but didn't really like the food.
I'm not sure if we are spoiled by Toronto food scene or Chicago people have different taste in food since this place was packed to the brim on a Tuesday night.
Definitely though this was overrated and I don't think I would come back 

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  1. That pool of oil the goat belly dish is sitting in does NOT look appetizing! Desserts look good though.

    1. Exactly, it's so sad since it's highly rated by so many

  2. Interesting... I guess I won't be trying this place out then.

    1. Heard similar "oily" comments from some other people who went recently as well (>_<)