Thursday, May 16, 2013

XOCO [Chicago]

After our doughnut breakfast here, we walked over to XOCO for lunch, this was a place highly recommended by a friend. Love how you walk in to the open kitchen of the restaurant where there's a wood burning oven for a Mexican street food allure to the place.

As you entered, you are given a table number where you'll then proceed to line up, order and pay. Once you pay and provide your table number, they will bring over the food when ready.
There were quite a bit of choices and we had a tough time deciding what to order.

Pickled Pig Feet Tostada $4.00
~ jalapeno pickled veggies, crema, cilantro
This was more of a play of tostada, it was actually on a shell instead of a fried tortilla.
This was served cold and was really refreshing, great way to start the meal.

Chicharrones $3.50
~ tamozula hot sauce, queso anejo, onions, cilantro
This is fried pork rind, it was perfectly crispy and love the hot sauce but find that there was a bit too much of it which made it rather salty together with the queso anejo cheese.

Caldo $12
~ ham hock, rich cascabel chile broth, black kale, red beans, crunchy garnishes
This was my fave, love the spiciness with the super fresh crunchy veggies on top.

 Pork Belly Torta $12.00
~ dark salsa negra glaze, bacon, arugula, queso anejo
This was the day's special and we love every part of this, from the bread, the melt in your mouth pork belly to the spicy dipping sauce.

Pistachio Glazed Churros $2.25
I actually didn't like this, found the pistachio flavor very artificial and way too sweet.

 Churros $1.60
I think I prefer the regular churros better, I find nothing beats hot frest fried churros w/ just sugar and cinnamon.

The place actually fill up pretty fast on a Wednesday lunch hours, so if would be best to go before or after the lunch hour.

Great Food & Great Price
Love all the flavors here, I wish there was a place like that in Toronto.

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