Thursday, May 23, 2013

the Publican [Chicago]

Our 2nd day dinner in Chicago was at the Publican (@thepublican2008) and it was our favorite from our trip. The portion are rather large, so I definitely wish there was more of us. Some main was meant to share for 2 people which we can't order since we wanted to order more dishes instead of one big one. We were so stuffed after dinner that we decided to take a 45mins walk back to the hotel.

The place was pack on the Wednesday night we went, so I would highly recommend reservation. They mainly have one big communal table (reminiscent of 16the century European banquets) that goes all around and seats up to 100 people side by side; there's also some small booth seats on one side and bar seats on the other. In the center, there was some three tiered cocktail tables where guest can lean on and have a drink while waiting.

the Publican is a beer focus restaurant in the Fulton Market District in Chicago featuring pork and fish/seafood preparations.... but you will be quick to notice that the meat section are centered around pork. The menu tends to change daily to reflect the seasonal availability of products.

There was piggy drawing all around the place, so there's no doubt that we need to order some pork ;)

As we sat down, we immediately order a Spicy Pork Rinds $5 and some Beer while deciding what to order.  We end up sharing 3 beer cause beer fill me up and I prefer to leave room to eat.

 Trappistes Rochefort 8 $14
~ Braisserie de Rochefort, Belgium, 9.20%
Don't let the color fool you, it was a rather fruity sweet beer with a caramel maltiness, dry fruit flavor to it and a crisp finish

Duvel Belgian Golden Strong Ale $9
~ Brouwerij Duvel Moortgat N.V, Belgium, 8.50%
This one have a slight bitterness to it and a hop flavor to it... I def like this a lot better than the first.

Alpha King Pale Ale $5
~ Three Floyds BrewingCo., Indiana, 6.00%
The pale ale have a rather deep amber color w/ a very creamy head to it and it has a citrus aroma and hoppy finish. This is definitely my kind of beer and my fave out of the 3 we ordered.

 Beets $11
~ burrata, arugula, walnut, saba
I just love the creaminess of burrata and nothing better than having it together with one of my favorite veggies, beet.

 Charcuterie Plate $15 (half)
Every time I see Charcuterie on the menu, I will ask if it's made in house and theirs was made at their Butcher Shop Publican Quality Meat just across the street. I am sold right away and I was definitely not disappointed since we loved every elements here... from the meat and pate to the pickles and mustard. Sort of like the crisp younger pickles, less overwhelming and wouldn't take over the flavor of the other food.

 Pork Belly $24
~ grits, radish & asparagus
 Just look at this huge block of melt in your mouth fatty goodness that's packed with flavors.
The grits was creamy and light which balance out the pork belly, also love how they shaved the asparagus on top which looks really pretty.

 Honeycomb Tripe $8
 This was so soft and packed with flavors, dip your bread in the sauce and clean the plate good.
I couldn't find this on their online menu so maybe this was a special.

 Blood Sausage $18
It hit the spot once again, perfect texture and casing with the perfect roasted cauliflowers. Just like the charcuterie plate, the sausage was mad by their butcher shop. Love the sprinkles of pistachio which is a must to give some sort of contrast in texture to the soft blood sausage.

 Squash Cake $18
~ bosc pears, maple-sherry syrup, pear butter, pepitas & ricotta ice cream
 Love the how the squash cake was served warm and that was probably the smoothest ricotta ice cream I ever had... the pear butter was different. All the flavors and texture just combine so perfectly.

 Verdict :
Simple at it's best 
Will definetely come back if I'm in Chicago again.
Highly recommended, especially for beer lovers
Great Food, Great Price, Great Portion & Great Service

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