Monday, May 27, 2013

Intelligentsia Coffee [Chicago]

We first had Intelligentsia Coffee (Twitter: @Intelligentsia) at Manic, one of our favorite coffee shop (see post here) in Toronto and loved it since. We were thrill that there was one near our hotel and we went there first thing everyday ;)

Started in Chicago with a couple locations, it is now with locations in New York and Los Angeles as well. Intelligentsia source their beans from growers and ensure fair trades practices. Roasted and crafted around the beans and brewing methods that would best compliment the flavors.

From their website I learn that their coffee are roasted on vintage, gas powered Gothot roasters built during the 1950s & 60s. Gothot's are considered by some to be a masterpiece of German engineering and are lauded for their exceptional temperature stability throughout the roasting drum., The consistency achieved with each roast and is unique look are reasons why this 125 years old brand is still widely sought after by coffee roasters everywhere.

 While watching the staff at work, you can see they have a huge passion and knowledge for coffee and preparation methods; that's where good coffee can be found... we even spotted the staff having a taste test during one of our visit

Day 1: Cappuccino & Latte
Love my cappuccino a lot, it had a very bold flavor yet very smooth and delicate w/ the perfectly smooth & glossy foam. And just look at the latte art, perfectly cute every single cup we had.

Day 2: Daily Brewed & Cappuccino
Even the daily brewed is served in style, don't you love the presentation here and you def get more than one cup here.

They also have the Siphon Brew but we didn't get to try it 
(look at the detailed instruction on the board)

 Chemex & V60 Brew

 Day 3: Daily Brewed & Cappuccinno
For the last day in Chicago, Ben decided to splurge and get the $12 Santuario Geisha from Colombia. Yes, a $12 cup of coffee and I have to say that I don't have such a sophisticated pallet to know the difference?!  It had a sweet floral note to it w/ a slight acidity.

 Instagram heaven for me, follow me @kiki_BFF (^_^)

Verdict :
Love it here, def a coffee lover heaven
Wish there's a location in Toronto and wouldn't mind having their cappuccino every single day

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