Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bent-O Seafood Tasting for 2

After seeing picture of Bent's Seafood Bent-O Box on twitter, Bent Restaurant (@BentRestaurant) suddenly moved right to the top of my to-eat list. On top of that, it was such a great deal at $35 for 2 before 7pm and $42 onward. I have been meaning to visit for ages since I am a big fan of Susur Lee (@susurlee) and he's behind the menu. This is definitely a family affair with the sons, Kai and Levi Bent-Lee reining the restaurant and Lee's wife behind the design of the space.

Love the casualness of the space with an array of vintage childhood toys on display.

Since the special will only be available until June 8th, the place was packed on this Friday night and we only manage to secure seats at the bar.

We were still in sake redrawal after the Kampai Sake event the day before, we didn't order sake as usual... so I had the Feature Cocktail instead which was a Mojito w/ Yuzu $15 while Ben had a Tsing Tao Beer $7.

I have to say that the price of their cocktails was rather steep but mine was a rather large glass but I notice that some other ones being served was rather small with price ranging from $14 to $18.

Seafood Bent-O include the following :

Lime Coconut Curry Shrimp Soup 
~ tomato, corn, squash, crispy puff rice 
I was very surprise at how light and flavorful this was, normally coconut soup are just heavy and very one dimentional in taste. This one, you can taste every components and just pack so much flavor.

Then the rest was served at once in a large Bento Box:

 Lobster Tacos
~ charred onion tomato salsa, chipotle, avocado, in taro shell (bottom centre)
We got one in taco shell and one in wonton shell, they should have stick with the taro as per the menu since it was a better texture and taste with the lobster fillings.

Pressed Octopus
~ lentil, tomato, black garlic, perilla, herbed olive oil, pomegranate vinaigrette
 This was a very interesting dish with the octopus without much flavoring apart from it's own seweetness while the vinaigrette was rather salty but interested flavor that I believe come from the black garlic.

Oyster Sake Shot
~ lemongrass, shallots, ponzu marinated salmon roe
I was king of surprise that we were not serve this before the soup since this was the first item on the menu but I sort of understand since the soup was served hot and had a stronger flavor compare to the dishes to come. So the tart vinegary liquid here act sort of like a cleanser.

 Tuna+Watermelon Ceviche
~ shaved red onion, cilantro, crispy shallots, fresh citrus juice, Rocoto chili, Chinese doughnut fritter
 Love the thing slices of Chinese doughnut fritter on top, not only was it pretty but also a great crispy texture that's needed. This was a very interesting dish with all of the different flavor and texture like spicy chili, crispy fritters, fatty soft tuna and sweet cool refreshing watermelon.

 Spicy Tuna Avocado Tartare
Love the crispy tuna served on top of a crispy rice cake.... it's like a deep fried sushi ;)
This was so good, I guess I can eat just the df rice cake all day.

 Spicy Peruvian Style Ceviche
~ white snapper, clams, mussels, calamari, Aji Amarillo chili, fresh lime juice

 Asian Style Atlantic Salmon Cravlax
~ Japanese omelette, horseradish lemon & chive creme fraiche, marinated salmon roe
This was probably the only thing that we didn't like from the bento box, really don't understand the choice of the soft dough-y pancake here which took over all the texture and taste of the salmon. Wish it was served on a lighter or slightly crispy base.

Braised Spiced Short Ribs $22
~ black garlic, truffled parsnip puree, roasted rosemary duck fat potato
This was the only dish we order on top of the Bento Box and it was melt in you mouth goodness. The rib was braised so soft and flavorful and love how light the truffled was which didn't overpower the puree at all. The sauce was thick and delicious, the Chinese in me was craving for a bowl of steam rice to go with it. And need I say more, it's duck fat potato... yummmmmm

 Dinner ends with complementary desserts w/ a Mango Panna Cotta topped with tapioca and a Strawberry Rhubarb & Lemon Curd Parfait. The Panna Cotta was more like the Chinese mango pudding you get at dim sum but packed with real mango flavor which I love and the sesame crisp on the side was to die for. And love the refreshing parfait to end the meal.

Verdict :
No one does Asian fusion cuisine better than Susur Lee
I really enjoy my meal here
Great Food, Great Value, Great Service, Great Atmosphere
The Ben-O Special last until June 8th, so only a few more days left.

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  1. This looks amazing! Bent has gone to the top of my list too!

    1. Def worth checking out especially with the special and it's until the 8th :)