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The Stop's Night Market 2013 - Day 1 [EVENT]

On June 18th and 19th, The Stop Community Food Centre (@TheStopCFC) transformed the back alley of Honest Eds into a pop up Night Market, complete with hand crafted vendor booths. It was my favorite food event last summer and probably the most talk about as well which resulted into a sold out event in two hours. My computer wasn't working quick enough, so my dream of getting tickets for both night was quickly crushed but good think I was offer a one day media pass (^_^)
 This year event more than $80,000 have been raised. This year's 2 day event will feature over 60 chefs and 35 one-of-a-kind food carts created by local designers.

The Stop Community Food Centre works to increase access to food in a manner that maintains dignity, builds health and community and challenges inequality. From it's origins as one of Canada's first food banks, The Stop has blossomed into a thriving community hub where neighbors participate in a broad range of programs that provide healthy food, foster social connections, build food skills and promote engagement in civic issues. Underlying all of The Stop's effort is the belief that food is a basic human right (learn more here)

What I love about this event is that, as soon as you walk through that alley you are instantly transported into another world with the promise of a magical fun night.

This year, I though the designers certainly work a lot harder coming up with even more creative and beautiful booths using mostly reclaimed materials.  A few of my fave booths includes Woodlot, Brockton General, Gusto 101 and Rose & Sons.

I was there for Night#1 and it feature 32 chefs/food vendors with a lot of returning veterans and with so many booths, we tried to hit up as many of them as possible. It was impossible to fit everything in one tummy, so I was glad that I share most of the dishes with my partner in crime Yvonne (@th3hungrycat). 
Plus there was 12 tempting drink options w/ a bottomless cup to fill, you know I am a happy girl. The drink line up include Steam Whistle, Muskoka Brewery, Lake of Bays, Rosewood Winery, Tawse Winery, Norman Hardie, Luxardo Cocktail Bar, Auchentoshan Cocktail Bar, Black Fly Spirits, Stillwater Distillery, and non-alcoholic options from Sloane Tea and Coconut Water.

Love this tiny tiki booth, perfect for Rosewood Winery which I definetly drop by a few times to refill my glass and I was so glad that they actually provided real wine glasses.

Reusable Mugs was available for sale at $2 to avoid garbage/waste.
Totally love this idea but wish they did they same for the plates and forks since I felt bad at how many plates we end up using while both of us tried to keep the same fork the whole night... a suggestion, bring your own plate and cup next year with some readily for sale to raise more money?!??

Fried Anson Mills Grills w/ Pimento Cheese
Their new chef de cuisine, Dustin Gallagher was on hand to serve this crunchy creamy goodness

Kale Salad w/ Parmesan, Currants & Pine Nuts
Nothing beats a fresh light salad and love it even more since I have been having a Kale addiction recently. The booth with the manson jar lights was just stunning.

Aguachile w/ White Fish
I didn't actually tried this one since it was for display and picture taking only at the beginning and when I went back, they were sold out.

Arpege Egg
This was one of my fave dish of the night, consist of a coddled egg yolk, chorizo and goat cheese whipped potatoes w/ blue corn tortilla spear

Smoked Ham & Cheese Sandwich
Somehow their booth was one of my favorite, it sorts of fit with the restaurant and owner's style ;)

Love love their cornbread at the restaurant and love it here just as much

Goodyear / Barry
Pork Belly Slider w/ Kimchee & Cronut
Being a huge fan of Top Chef Canada, it's alwasy nice to meet the contestants IRL and try out their was definetly the night  with 3 of them participating
The pork belly was melt in your mouth goodness and you know I can never say not to anything Kimchee.
And their version of the much hype about Cronut was just out of this world... wish I got a 2nd =P

The Emerson
Emerson Surprise

Smoked Sturgeon w/ Fennel Slaw on Baguette
First time and I am sold, can't wait for their restaurant to open.

Beef Tartar on Shrimp Chip w/ Horseradish, Peanut Fish Sauce
Simply delicious, love it since I tried it at the restaurant.

Chive Deviled Egg w/ Bacon Onion Jam & Buttered Toast Crunch
Love the way it's served on a small plastic cup, easy and non-messy to eat

Pogos w/ homemade Hotdog in Purple Grit Batter

N'Duja & Morzzarella Sandwich w/ Fried Eggplant & Basil Pesto
Def on of my fave restaurant and Chef in Toronto... big fan of Chef Rob Rossi since Top Chef Canada.
The sandwich was just humongous but we did manage to finish it since it was so good especially love the basil pesto with such strong flavor and pulled you in while lining up.

Salt Cod Inari
Was so disappointed last time at the restaurant where they took this off their menu, so glad that I can have it once more.

THR & Co. (Harbord Room)
Merguez Lamb Meatball w/ Harissa sauce, Herbed Goats Milk Yogurt, Pickled RhubarbJuicy flavourful burger and especially loved the pickled rhubarb

Dry Rubbed Lamb Rib w/ Chimichurri
My friends was praising about this but unfortunately, mine was rather tough (can't tear through it).
But I do love the Chimichurri

Cabbage & Apple Pierogies w/ Monteforte Dairy Cheese
This was probably the favorite booth of a lot of people, don't you just love the ingenious way they use those beer bottles.

Spanish Chorizo Chowder
Big fan of Rossy (@PanCanCooks) and this was no exception. This was just so comforting like a big hug, wish I went back for seconds. 

Smoked Pork Jowl Slider
Being one of my fave BBQ place in Toronto, I just have to try this and I wasn't disadpointed.

Fresh Mini Donuts made w/ coconut oil

Mad Maple Cottage Inn
Ice Cream Sandwiches

Choux a la Creme Orange-Vanille w/ Confiture de lait

The night was made evn more festive by the impromptu musical performances including the "Balkan Klezmer Gypsy Punk Super Party Band"

Althought I still wish I got tickets for the 2nd night, I felt lucky to be part of day 1... it was a magical night and felt better about myslef after eating all those food that it's for a good cause ;)

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