Thursday, June 13, 2013

Rooster Coffee House (King East)

 Anyone who follow me knows that I am a big fan of Roosrer Coffee House (Twitter @Roostercoffee) (see my last posy here) and they recently open up it's second location in the brand new attachement to the Toronto Sun building on King Street East.

♥♥♥ Love the sign ♥♥♥

Althought this location have more of a industrial feel to it compare to the Riverdale location, they kept the same details and decor... the things that made me fell in love apart from their wicked coffee.

Same yummy treats.

We came by on the Victoria Day Monday and it was not as packed as the usual weekend crawds that they get at the 1st location.

I really try to have a cup of their Cappuccino every week and it was no exception after the horrible coffee I drank in NYC (>_<)
Btw, I am still missing a Swan latte art in my Instagram collection... so *wink wink, please make one for me next time if you are reading this. LOL!

The boyfriend (aka the coffee addict) ask for the Chemex Coffee since he saw the canister but apparently it's not on the menu.... but since Gabe recognise us and it wasn't busy so he obliged ;)
You can definitely taste the difference, it's very clear, pure, without bitterness and yet very flavourful.

Also read that they will be setting up a slow bar mid summer with a range of unique cold brew coffee and a signature bottled Rooster Cold Brew. Can't wait to try it out since I find it rather difficult to find good cold coffee (^_^)

For now, I ordered a Raspberry Ice Tea to go, this was slightly tart but so refreshing (so good that it inspire me to make it at home)

Verdict :
Same good coffee, same friendly staff but a different location.
If you plan to sit down and work on the weekends, this will be a better choice considering the larger space... but heard that it gets pretty busy during the week

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