Monday, June 17, 2013

Firecakes [Chicago]

This was an unplanned stop, we were just on our way to our lunch stop when we pass by and decided to give Firecakes (@firecakesdonuts) a try, why not (^_^)

This was our second doughnut stop on our trip since we luck out with no line up at the much hyped Doughnut Vault (post here) the previous day but seeing this, we just couldn't resist to go in and try (a little comparison).

Love the simple decoration with the white tile, after all the doughnuts are the main attraction here... yes, just walk in and drool à-la-Homer-Simpson style over the glass display case =P

Lemon Verbena Meringue
It was airy, light w/ the perfect tanginess and a fluffy meringue.... but I'll have to say that it's nothing compare to my fave one from Toronto here both taste and look wise.

 Maple Glazed Pineapple & Bacon
This is the smallest doughnut they had and it's miniscule compare to their other ginourmous ones. 
 It seems that every gourmet doughnut shop have some sort of variation of bacon doughnut but this one was my favorite so far.,,, it was very light compare to the others and the perfect salty-sweet finish (love the pineapple w/ the bacon)

 Verdict :
Although not as fluffy as the one at Doughnut Vault, it was still very delicious
The doughnuts here are a bit sweet itself with not very sweet glaze while the one at Doughnut Vault base was not sweet at all while their glazed are extremely sweet.
 Worth a try since no line up

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