Tuesday, June 11, 2013

PAESE Ristorante ~ Messy Meatball [EVENT]

Last week I was invited to PAESE Ristorante (@PaeseRistorante) for a Messy Meatball Monday where they launched their new late night menu. What a sign to welcome us and I know it's going to be a great night already ;)

Each guest was given a bib and we were encourage to write our best balls joke ;)

The Ducé
Yes practically anything can go on top of a Caesar these days from bacon to lobster but this one was just wow.... it's a play on the Caesar where their San Marzano tomato sauce they use on their meatballs was use. It's not as if you dunk the meatball in or anything and it was sort of messy to eat but it was a great presentation and I'll have one any time of the day.
I ♥ Caesar

PAESE Meatball
~ house ground beef short rib sirloin brisket, pecorino, braised in tomato sauce
This was so tender and perfectly flavored, this was the most traditional meatball of the night and I have to say it was my favorite.

 Veal Meatball
~ house ground veal, pork, ricotta w/ sweet peas cipollini onions, braised in milk
This was lighter and milder in taste and as per the chef, it'll be their Summer meatball.
Love how it was braised in milk which gave such a soft and moist texture.

 Chicken Wing Meatball
~ spicy pepperoncini chicken meatball w/ gorgonzola dipping sauce
Chicken wing without the bones?! This probably have the prettiest presentation with the bright colors.

Pepperoni Arancini Meatballs
~ house smoked mozzarella, salsa verde & chili mayo
This was suppose to taste like a pepperoni pizza and I thought it was just a arancini... 
but I do love arancini, who doesn't like fried rice ball and this was a cheesy one with an extremely yummy salsa verde.

 There was suppose to be a Falafel Balls but we didn't get that one, really wanted to try this one since it's the only vegetarian ball and I love falafel :(

 Balls on Bun
~ smashed balls, tomato sugo, dill pickles, potato chips, provoline on mini brioche buns
The brioche was rather dry and hard and it was rather messy to eat since it was rather high but love the added chips for the crunch ;)

 Meatball Margherita
~ mozzarella, basil, tomato sauce & meatball
The meatball was served on top of the pizza where the crush it at the table which I found was sort of a failed attempt... just look how it mess up the cheese and sauce when crushing the meatball. 
I have to say that I was presently surprise that I actually like the crust, it was extremely thin, crispy and not soggy at all.... but I have to say that the basil was def lacking (the few small specks of green on it doesn't count) and without it, you can't call it a margherita.

Ben's bib / ball joke

Thanks Chef Palik (@ChefPalik) for coming up with all those different meatballs, we left stuffed and satisfied.... maybe a dessert "ball" is missing?!? (just saying).
All of these item are now available on their late night menu (here)
And thanks to Suzanne Dunbar from The L-Eat Group for inviting me to such a great event (^_^)

We sat by the bar and heard so many "balls" joke from the staff and it's always great to catch up with all the foodies...

Verdict :
There's definetly a meatball for everyone.
Would definetly love to come back for some meatballs and of course The Ducé.
And I learn today that they have no corkage fee everyday but Saturday #BYOW

P.S: Their Parmesan & Black Pepper Cashews are killer, would kill for a bucket of it

*** This meal was complimentary. Opinions are my own***

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