Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Farmhouse Tavern

This post was way overdue, we went to Farmhouse Tavern (@FARMHOUSEtavern) back in April and it was amazing with huge portion... so huge that we end up packing some leftover home which is a first for us.

I tried quite a few times to get a reservation.... so make sure to make your reservation, do not drop-by, they take reservation via test which is very convenient (no unanswered phone).
 Arriving on a Sunday at 6:30, the place was already packed and buzzing.

We were seated on the side of the restaurant with the open kitchen and it does get quite hot given it's only April, can't imagine when it's summer. But love the darker lighting here so that the bright open kitchen take center stage.

Love the decor throughout the restaurant with a vintage stove as shelf and the barn door mounted on the wall to slide around the blackboard menu (easy change from day to night menu)

 Pretty simple menu, yet I wish to order everything and had a tough time ordering =P
They don't really have paper menu and with the minimal descriptions of each dish, we basically have to ask our server what's what.

Love their wine list here with all local Ontario wine #golocal
"The Conspiracy" Cabernet Sauvignon 2011, Foreign Affair - $50
Very rich to the palate with very approachable tannins which goes perfectly with all our dishes

Mushroom Soup $9
The broth came in a teapot and was pour on top of the mushroom at the table. The smell was mesmerizing, smelling one from the table next to us was the reason we ordered this (^_^)
Very simple and basic with the mushroom woody flavor being the star of the dish. 
It was warm and satisfying.

 Ploughman's Platter $25
This was such a huge portion w/ the duck confit and the huge slab of pork belly, this alone fill up both of us. Love everything here including the smoke salmon, the cheeses, egg, the pickled and even the bread. If it's just for 2 people, I would suggest to order another small app and enjoy this with a bottle of wine and it'll be more than enough.

 Braised Lamb $23
Since the name didn't they us much, our server proceed to explaining to us what this dish was. Basically the lamb was braised for hours until tender and shredded, then packed into a baking tray... cut and coated with breadcrumbs and fried. Hope I got all this correct =P
But it was worth all those work since the inside was moist and tender while the crust was super crunchy. Also love the pick beet puree and love how they served the roasted beets with the roots still on, sort of rustic. Didn't know you can eat that but since it was served that way, I guess you could.

Pork Belly $29
Isn't this just a beauty with the layers of skin, fat and meat!! Just melt in your mouth good with a crispy skin and the apples just lighten and brighten it up

Goat Cheese Ice Cream w/ Candied Root Veg $6
 Never had ice cream with veggies before and it's goat cheese ice cream. It was not as sweet as your normal ice cream but it had more of a crumbly texture but somehow I like it with the candied veg.

We packed half of each of our main home, the Ploughman's Platter had us there.

Verdict :
Love this place ♥
Perfect atmosphere, decor, service and food.
Would love to come back with friends to try more dishes and def to share that platter
I already came back for Brunch for Canada Day and it was just as delicious (post coming)

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  1. The presentation of the Mushroom Soup seems not so attractive, but I would like to try the Ploughman's Platter and Braised Lamb.....