Thursday, July 25, 2013

Pancho Y Emiliano [Mexican]

This a long overdue post, I went to Pancho Y Emiliano back in April. It's one of the many Mexican restaurant that enter the Kensington Market scene. It's named after two Mexican revolutionary heroes, Villa and Zapata and it strives for an authentic taste.

 Ceviche Tostadas $4.75
Great start to the meal, it was fresh with the perfect amount of "citrus" but I wished that it had a little more fish cause depending on which bite you took, there was more lettuce and avocado than fish.

Chili Ajo Pork Tamales $3.75
This was the 1st thing that caught my eye and they were perfect. The pork is melt in your mouth richly flavored goodness warped with equally flavorful corn masa (dough)

Fish Taco $5.75
There was a gigantic piece of lightly battered and freshly fried fish which is moist and buttery. No fancy presentation but true yummy flavor with the creamy sauce, guacamole and salsa fresca.
Simple, fresh and delicious.

 Pork Pastor Burrito $6.75

Churros $1.50/ea
Made fresh, this was crispy on the outside and still soft and pillowy inside.
Let's just say I like this better than the one next door where it's way mas-produced

Verdict :
Will love to come back since I enjoyed everything here
Wish it was a tad quicker, there was people waiting and they took way too long to take their order that they left.

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