Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Azure [Summerlicious]

My 2nd and last Summerlicious of the year was at Azure Restaurant & Bar located inside InterContinental Toronto Centre (@ICTorontoCentre) at Front and Simcoe.

Although  do like the natural light coming through the glass ceiling, I thought it was a bit dated with an 80's feel to it. But thought there's some small touches that can be done to update it a bit, like the blue water glasses and the blue vases should go.  

On the other hand, Azure features contemporary Canadian cuisine by Chef Grace Di Fede who is an advocate for using local and seasonal ingredients.

Azure Caesar
 ~ pepper infused vodka + Tabasco + Clamato juice + olives

Grapefruit Tree
~ vodka + fresh basil + fresh grapefruit juice + simple syrup

Although the presentation doesn't say much, it's a rather large glass of cocktail compare to what you get at most places these days and it tasted very good. Simple but well made. I loved both of them a lot, the Caesar parked quite a bit of heat which I love while I am a sucker for basil cocktails... will probably try to replicate both at home ;)

Summerlicious Dinner at $45 pp
At first I thought the price was a bit high for summerlicious but in the end, it's all worth it with the yummy good quality ingredient and the rather large portion. Def no need of McDonald stop after =P
Sweet Corn & Saffron Bisque (vegetarian)
~ Goat Cheese Crouton, Tarragon Oil
It was incredibly smooth with just light sweet corn flavor instead of the full on yellow overly sweet corn soup. This was a rather large portion but we had no problem licking the bowl clean =P

East Coast Crab Cake
~ Lemon & dill aioli, summer fruit salsa
With a thin crunchy shell, this crab cake was packed with lots of crab meat with minimal filler.

Canadian Farmed Beef Striploin
~ Rosemary & Garlic Potato Puree, Baby Vegetables, Chard, Pork Jus
I ordered mine rare but it came out medium well and the waiter seeing that I didn't really like it, immediately took it back and got me another one. And while waiting, he even came by to ask if I wanted a salad or anything while waiting (^_^)

The 2nd one came back perfect and I enjoy every bit of it.

Pacific Organic Salmon
~ Orange & Shaved Fennel Slaw, Raisins, Pistachio, Asparagus, Pernod Tomato Puree
I usually don't like cook salmon at all but this was cook very well and the slaw and sauce goes perfectly together with the salmon. Everything on the dish just compliment each other so perfectly.

Bailey's Chocolate Torte
~ Vanilla Mousse, Summer Berry Compote
It sounded heavy, look and tasted decadent but was surprisingly light.

Ice-Wine Strawberry Panna Cotta
~ Fig Compote, Caramel Tuille
I am usually not a fan of panna cotta but this definitely won me over, especially love the fig compote.

Genoise Cake
~ sour cream mousse, doubled smoked candied bacon
This was not included in the Summerlicious menu but bought to us by our waiter. This was definitely sweeter than the previous 2 desserts but was offset by the saltiness of the bacon... 
Everything just taste better with bacon (^_^)

This dessert is now officially on their menu

Verdict :
Love the attentive service and was very impress with every dish
I haven't had such a great Licious experience for ages

Summerlicious have ended but they have extended their prix fixe lunch & dinner menu through August 31st.

*** This meal was complimentary. Opinions are my own***

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