Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Jelly Modern Doughnuts

Jelly Mondern Doughnuts (@jellymodern) which is very popular in Calgary open shop in Toronto, I just have to try it.

Love the bright ping and white decor but I have to say that it feel rather fast food like with lack of friendly staff. I remember a friend told me that he didn't felt like going in because the guy inside look like he wanted to kill someone.

We got 2 mini doughnuts at $2.25/ea which is pretty standard price for gourmet doughnuts these days ($2.75/ea for regular size), both of them was rather dry and didn't taste fresh... Unlike places like Glory Hole Doughnuts (my post here), you can feel and taste the love that's put into making their donuts and it's all worth the high price tag... but not here. If I have to choose, I'll probably prefer Tim Horton's' which are cheaper and definitely made fresh daily =P

And i hate how they put it in brown paper bags instead of boxes, def ruin the presentation which is all the doughnuts here are worth in my opinion.

It was overly sweet and I just can't get over the fact that it wasn't fresh which felt so dry

 Doughnuts of the month : Bollywood Spiced Popcorn
 Different but the popcorn on top was chewy and hard which left a lot to be desire.... still the same dry non-fresh donut.

Verdict :
Def not my kind of doughnuts and will probably not be coming back
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  1. nothing worse than dry donuts! Bugger... Stop taking foodporn images of bad food and making me hungry!!