Monday, July 22, 2013

Stock Restaurant [Summerlicious]

I sort of gave up on Licious for a while now since it have been a disappointments after disappointments these past few years. But a friend suggested we try Stock Restaurant (@STOCKToronto) Summerlicious (@LiciousTO) $45 Dinner menu and why not, I am always up for an opportunity to catch up with friends.

I was originally very excited to try out Stock since they have a pretty active Twitter account but I couldn't say the same about their service.

It all started out perfect, from pulling my chair to providing a side folding purse holder. Then we were quickly ask if we wanted anything to drink but clearly the drink menu / wine list was missing. We were only provided with the summerlicious cheers menu below with a few cocktail and beer choices. Then as the drink arrives, one miss after the other. Starting with my friend's cocktail which had a hair on the fruit garnish which was changed.

....then all 3 glasses of beer ordered arrived in the same water glasses that was already on the table. At a high end lounge and bar like these, I expected drinks to come in their appropriate glass/stemware

I order a 1/2 bottle of white and after drinking a few sips, our waiter came over to check on my glass... apparently they notice from afar that there was a chip and instead of pouring me a new glass, they just pour the wine into another glass right in front of us. 
Then during dinner, they never came to refill my glass while the bottle was out of my reach in an ice bucket in a corner. Neither did they came to ask if anyone needed another drink.
Enough said, these are enough to ruin any restaurant experience.

Tiger Shrimp Ceviche
~ endamame, avocado, cucumber, mint, basil, lime
Overcook shrimp with not so ceviche / citrusy tasting dish and an outdated presentation

Dolce Lucano's Stracciatella
~ pingue prosciutto, cantaloupe, crostini

Golden Gazpacho Soup
~ blue crab, tarragon greek yogurt
This was refreshing for a hot day but in the end nothing really special.

72 Hour Woolwich Township Short Rib
~ celeriac puree, cabernet jus
Good, fall off the bone, tender but it was the standard and you could probably get the same thing if not better at some dozen other restaurant.

Seared Deep Sea Scallops & Sugar Cane Pork Belly
~ green mango & peanut salad, caledon apple
The slaw/salad was rather cold which made the pork belly that was sitting on top of it rather cold as well and personally I don't think it even went well with the dish.

Skin Roasted Georgian Bay Pickerel
~ organic quinoa, fennel & rose grapefruit crudo, toasted pumpkin seeds
Didn't taste this one but as per my friend, it was slightly overcooked but loved the quinoa side.

Please note that we weren't asked if we need another drink, we were nit asked if coffee or tea was needed either. The dishes just came one after the other without anyone checking on us in between.

Grand Cru Caribe Dark Chocolate Fondant
~ roasted almond streusel, salted java caramel, chantilly cream
Overall very sweet, wish they use dark chocolate with the caramel. It was a dessert that me and the bf couldn't finish.

Summertime Coconut Panna Cotta
~ sun-ripened fruit, strawberry nage, pistachio tuile
 Try a bit from my friend's and this was probably the best dessert out of the 3. Smooth, light and refreshing with the coconut flavor.

Lemon Meringue Tart
~ wild blueberry preserve, casis pearls, honey creme fraiche
Another overly sweet dessert, wish it was more lemony / tart but i love the pie crust

This made me loose further faith in Licious
While I didn't have very high expectation for the food, I was expecting top notch service which I didn't get.

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  1. Sorry to hear that your experience wasn't good, but thanks for sharing. I was invited to go to STOCK for Summerlicious as well, but now I'm glad I didn't!
    P.S. Two of the pics aren't showing up for some reason, is that just my comp?

  2. I'm with you..I've been avoiding Licious but invariably end up trying one or two spots out unintentionally! Lucked out with Volos and Bangkok Garden this year though!

    Sad to see that Stock's service is down the drain as we thoroughly enjoyed our lunch there when they first opened. BOO to them! Especially since they do have a fab social media presence!

    1. I know ehhhh, with they quick welcome on twitter though the service would be just as great. Oh well, further reinforce my love for smaller cozy restaurants :)

    2. Summerlicious is the worst time to review a restaurant!! Ive never had good service. Way too packed and rushed...Have you been to Stock on a regular day? Me and my boyfriend just went last week and thought it was amazing. I think you should try it again! :)

  3. I know what you mean but I am to say, either participate and provide your regular service and food or not participate at all... That's not an excuse.

    On the other hand, I do understand that food may not be as great as usual due to the amount of ppl but service should be just as good espacially with a lot of their staff just standing around doing nothing.., not as if they were extremely busy or understaffed

  4. I wouldn't go in to a restaurant with bad service even the food is good, why pay to be bullied?