Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Make your own Mimosa Bar [Recipe]

Last month 3 of us (aka the Bridesmaids) put together a Bridal Shower for the special Bride-to-be and we decided on a hightea theme.

I was responsible of making mini hand sandwiches and drinks.
For drinks I decided to throw together a "Make your own Mimosa" Bar and here's what I did

Make your own Mimosa Bar

I bought the 3 bottles (here) and the champagne glasses (here) from Ikea.
I took some Washi Tape and made the flag stirrer w/ the wood coffee stir stick I pickup at work.
(stick the washi tape back to back and cut out the triangle shape to form the flag)
I also made a small signshowing guess the steps to making their Mimosa

What you need:
~ Any Juices (I choose Tropical, Orange and a homemade Raspberry Tea)
~ Champagne/Sparkling Wine (the Rose Sparkling was the girls favorite)
~ some Garnishes (I choose strawberry, mint, lemon, blueberry)
Try to keep the Champ[agne/Sparkling Wine chilled in an ice buckets since no one like a warm mimosa.

I also made some Ice Passion fruit Lemonade for non-alcohol drinkers, I basically just made some Starbucks passion fruit tea and added lemonade to it.

This was the first time I used paper straw which look so pretty but I realize that after a while it does melt after sitting in the drink.... so I would advice to put the straw in a cute jar on the side and guest can get their own straw when picking up their drink.

Here's a few more pics from that day, the maid of honor was so talented and made that cute beautiful cake. We also had a mini candy bar for the guest to pick up some treats to go (^_^)


  1. Aw, lovely pictures! That cake looks awesome. I love the way you decorated the stirrers, and the papers straws look adorable in the glasses!

    1. Awww thanks Alice, this was def easy to throw together to impress your guest. All the girls loved it ;)