Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Kathi Roll Express - TKRE [EVENT]

TKRE which stands for The Kathi Roll Express (@tkretoronto) is a restaurant on Yonge & Bloor that specializes in Kathi Rolls just as the name suggest.

Kathi roll is street- food originating from Kolkata, India. It is a Kabab wrapped in a layered paratha. The paratha is a dough that is kneaded into a rope, then coiled into a round patty which is then flattened and partly fried in oil. These semi-cooked parathas are then kept aside till needed at which time they are cooked on the tawa (the large round cast iron disc/pan in the picture below), Then an egg is to be cracked directly onto the tawa and then the paratha put on top which will result in a one side coated paratha. Then just add the meat or veggies of your choice and voila a Kathi Roll.

Since Kathi Rolls are very popular street food in India, the decor of the place kept the same theme.
I was pleasantly surprise how much I like the decor here complete with a Bollywood movie on the projector.

I was invited to a tasting event and we were quickly created with a thick mango lassi.

We were given 3 types of Kathi Rolls to try right away after everyone was settled at the back patio.

Achari Paneer Tikka Roll
~ spicy pickle & yogurt marinated chunks of Indian cottage cheese
If you never had Indian cottage cheese before, you'll have to try it at least once. They have a much firmer texture almost like harder tofu... it take on any flavors pretty well and are normally use or cook like meat. This was probably the spiciest out of the 3 which I love but it's the most filling one as well.

Shami Kebab (Lamb) Roll
~ minced lamb, chickpea lentils & spices bound with egg
Love this, the lamb are just so tender and flavorful and def my favorite out of the 3.

Chicken Tikka Roll
~ bbq'd chicken, marinated in yogurt & magical spices

The owner, Sumit Kohli is a huge fan of Kung Pao Chicken, so he created a roll than combine the 2 cultures together. They also have a Mexican, Korean and Thai style rolls.

Chicken Kung Pao Szechwan Style Roll
~ spicy stir fried chicken, peanuts, veggies & chillies

We were also allowed to chooe any one item from the menu and we decided to try their rice dishes.

BBQ'd Indian Quarter Chicken Leg Rice (New York Style)
~ grilled with a delicious yogurt & spice marinade
 Love the flavors but though it was a tad dry but I have to say that I loved the tawa griddled basmati rice.

The Greatest Street Food Platter
This was basically choosing any 4 types of kababs or tikka. I don't really remember what my friend choose but the Shami Kabab (Lamb) was still my fave just like the rolls.

Back Patio...

I have to say I like the milk crate chandelier ;)

Verdict :
I will definitely be back and wish I work close by so I can grab lunch here
Very affordable with rolls from $3.99 single fillings up to $9.99 for doubled filling.

*** This meal was complimentary. Opinions are my own***
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  1. I like Indian food, Chicken Tikka Roll is one of my favor.