Monday, July 15, 2013

Patria [Brunch]

Patria (@PatriaTO) have been on top of my list since it opened but never got to try it out until recently for Brunch. It's tucked away in an alley beside Weslodge. Patria is all about Spanish Cuisine from tapas to cook to order paella.

Love the space here w/ the high ceiling

Taken from the 2nd floor, they also have a private area up here overlooking the whole dining room below.

White Sangria $33
~ white wine, lillet, mixed apple cider & poached apple, lemongrass reduction
Love this, it's definitely one of the best I had in the city. It was so light and refreshing, love all the flavor which wasn't too sweet or citrus-cy.

Pan Con Tomate ~ Spanish Anchovies $6
This couldn't have been better, you won't believe how good toasted house baked bread with crushed tomato and olive oil can get. Simple at it's best and the anchovies just made it all that much better.

 Jambon Iberico De Bellota $30
~ 36 month Acon-fed Black Hoof Iberico Ham
 This is the finest type of Jambon Iberico which is made from free-range pigs that roam the oak forest and each only acorn (bellota). The exercise and diet gave the 36 months cured ham so much flavor and the right amount of fat. It was def a splurge on our part for brunch but we just had to taste it for ourselves to see what make it so pricey.

Iluevos Cocidos Con Esparragos Blancos, Jambon Serrano Y Espuma de Quesco Manchego $13
~ poached eggs, white asparagus, Jambon Serrano, Manchego
This was a rather simple dish but every components are so perfect.... it was nothing special but yet so good. I wouldn't mind going back and have another one of this.

Habas Con Chorizo $8
~ House chorizo & braised beans
Even though I am not a big bean fan, I loved this dish.

Leche Frita Con Helado de Azafron $7
~ Fried mild, Saffron Ice Cream, Honey
This was way sweeter than I expected and I actually prefer the texture and taste of the Chinese Version which is more milky rather than custardy here.

The cleavers on the wall spell out "Full Stomach, Happy Heart" in Spanish

Love the hand woven wall....

Love this place, will def come back for dinner real soon
Simple Delicious Dishes, nothing to pretentious ♥
Can't wait to go back to try the rest of the menu
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  1. Those anchovies look sooo good ... my fave :)

  2. I love the way this place looks! And that ham looks amazing.