Monday, August 19, 2013

Beerfest 2013 [EVENT]

Had so much fun at the Toronto's Festival of Beer (Twitter: @TOBeerFestival & Facebook: TOBeerFestival) last year (post here) that I have been counting down the days this year. Once again I was lucky to have got media passes and we end up going on the last day with some friends.

 I have to say that this year's event look bigger but at the end of the day, I find the selection was more limited compare to last year. It was more of the bigger well know brands and even the local craft section had less selection compare to last year. Maybe it's just me, not sure. Nonetheless, we still had a lot of fun with a lot of great beer and food.

Just as last year with the media pass, we were escorted into the Media Lounge like VIP where we were given 2 sampling tickets. This year's media lounge feature beer was Matilda & Sophie by Goose Island, a Chicago's Craft Beer, their beer bottles here look like wine bottle.

Neal Brothers's (@nealbrothers) Kettle Chip in the Media Lounge
(see my post here)

$1 per tokens, most half glass tasting cost 1 and full glass for 2
But I notice that a lot of beer this year are costing $2-6 this year, price increase in beer?
This year, the 2 of us bought 20 each plus the cost for food and if at the end of the day you had enough of drinking, you can always use it up on food (^_^)

Since it's a rather large events and most people will spend hours there, so try to wear comfortable shoes (kudos to the ladies who wear heels and last all day) and slap on some sunscreen since the event is entirely outdoor.... plus do not drink & drive, both streetcar and cabs are just so convenient.

 Ben is a big fan of Guinness and have been loving this lighter version this summer.

 Asahi Brewery Black
I am surprise that my friend had never try Asahi Black which is available at most Japanese Restaurant across Toronto

Had this at another event here, it has a hoppy lemony and floral aroma to it... sweet & herbal which I personally don't like the herb-y flavor.

Served with lime and ice, I wasn't sure what to expect if not an overly sweet soda like drink... but it was very refreshing with a very distinct ginger flavor and def not sweet a all. To me it's like ginger candy tasting beer w/ 4.8% alcohol.

Chinese beer, why not hire some hot Chinese beer girls?! A standard pilsner, they are the 2nd largest Chinese Brewery and I am def a fan especially with spicy Chinese food ;)

After a few beer, time to grab some food and I spot Chef Rocco (@ChefRoccoTO) himself making the pizza, so it was obvious I need to get my fave pizza.

Margherita Pizza for $8

The super creative people of Steam Whistle making their box hat, no idea how they come up with so many designs.

Rock Lobster's Lobster Roll (@RockLobsterFood)

Spearhead Brewing Jamaican Fire
Dark brown ale brewed with coffee, mango, cane sugar & Scotch bonnet pepper
With very soft carbonation, chocolat-ish taste with the heat from the pepper really kicking in after a few sips. I wouldn't say I liked it but it was very interesting and different.

 One of my local craft beer since last year, and had a tasting of this last year and have been waiting for them to launch it at LCBO since then. Super refreshing summer beer with a very mild watermelon taste

Being my fave during last year beerfest with all kind of special brews, this year's was a big disappointment in comparison.  They only have mostly their standard offering plus barely 4-5 special ones. Tried their Wild Patty's Crazy Berry and love it, was rather light but with super tart berry taste.

 Molson Coors All Canadian Caesar
Beer cocktails seems to be the thing right now and there was quite a few at the beerfest.
Tried the Caesar but I have to say I am not a big fan of beer cocktail, I like regular version a lot better


fidel gastro (@fidelgastros) ~ Alabama Tailgater & Captain Belly

Love the pretty pastel labels, I have been meaning to got to their brewery for a while but haven't had time... so I had to try one of them here

Have to have my fave Apple Beer Ice Cream Float ♥♥♥
A lot of friend's I talk to haven't try this, it's a must.. head to LCBO to grab some and make your own at home. Def addictive (^_^)

Love all the competition around w/ prices to win

 Smokes Poutinerie (@poutinerie) ~  Pulled Pork Poutine
Nothing more satisfying that this greasy goodness after so many drink

 My friend wanted a Chili Cheese Fries even after finishing a poutine... but they ran out of cheese.

 I notice that beerfest have been getting more relax compare to many years ago where most people seems to be incredibly drunk.... love the chill-axing atmosphere.

Sugar Display at the Media Lounge

I am not sure if I am getting old or what but I realise that I couldn't drink as much beer anymore... getting full way too quickly.

Thanks once again to Brand and Buzzing (@brandandbuzz) for the Media Passes, had so much fun and can't wait for next year already.

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