Monday, August 19, 2013

Ryus Noodle Bar

Ben being the ramen fanatic that he is, we just had to try out the new Toronto ramen spot : Ryus Noodle Bar (@RYUS_Noodle_bar). I have to say that I am incredibly curious wondering who have the guts to open another ramen shop just a few door up to the super successful Kinton Ramen (post here).

I have to say that it an incredibly cute place with the 2 communal table in the front patio.
Upon entering the place, I notice that it was tiny and the seating doesn't look very effective to me.
And did I mention they didn't have AC (>_<)

So hot that Ben had to order a pint of Sapporo

 All of their ramen here comes with one of their 3 signature sauces:
Garilic & Shallot Oil
Seasoned House Spicy Oil
Sweet & Spicy Ginger Paste
 We had the #1 and 2, the recommended to add the sauce at least half way through the bowl before adding the sauces and I totally agree since you have to taste the original flavor of the broth
 I have to say that I have both sauces especially the Garlic & Shallot oil which was incredibly flavorful and complimented the broth perfectly.

 Shio Ramen $9.50
We always try to try the most basic one first time at any ramen place. Their ramen here comes not only with a fatty melt in your mouth pork belly but also sous-vide chicken breast which was very moist and tender. The broth didn't taste like pork bone alone but when I ask our server, she said that it was purely pork bone soup. I find the soup rather oily and heavy where you couldn't really taste the creamy pork bone broth (still love the broth here). I personally tasted butter in the broth?!?

 Spicy Miso Tanmen $9.95
I ask for the extra spicy and love it. The super thick red broth is made with house made chili paste, miso paste and Sichuan peppercorns, it's then top with some mabo tofu. Love the spiciness and I didn't even miss the lack of meat but wish the noodle itself was more undercooked (al dente).
Although I like it, thought it was rather Chinese / Shanghai dish than Japanese.

A different king of noodle is use here which is thicker and softer

Verdict :
I am not a huge fan of the broth of the basic shio ramen
Love the extra spicy miso tanmen which I would be please to come back anytime for it

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