Tuesday, August 6, 2013

#LegsandTie at Fabbrica [EVENT]

A few week ago, I was invited by the lovely Yvonne Tsui (@th3hungrycat) to attend an event called "Legs and Tie" (#LegsandTie) at Fabbrica (@TheMcEwanGroup). What's Legs and Tie you ask?! It's bought to you by Yorkshire Valley Farms (@YVForganic) and named after the act of trussing up a chicken, where 4 foodies were paired up with chefs from 4 restaurant in Toronto. Each pair created a dish inspired by YVF's Organic Chicken and each foodie in turn host a dinner party at the partnering restaurant.

I was so glad to catch up with my fellow foodies which include host @th3hungrycat, @AbbeysKitchen, @momwhoruns, @AS_Toronto, @wherejessate, @foodigatorJ, @YashYanthi and finally got to meet @corecorina and @1goatroti IRL (^_^) 

Upon being seated, we were greeted by Executive Chef Rob LeClair and start off our meal with a super refreshing yummy Sangria (my dear Yvonne prob read my mind cause I was craving for sangria the whole day and that's what she requested).

The meal stated with a loaf of freshly baked bread and a Salumi Board. Perfect to nibble on while chatting and sipping on our sangria.

Fried Smelts
 They were so light, crispy and hot moist inside. Love how it was so light and not greasy at all and served with the perfect aioli dip.

Finally the star of the night - The YVF's Organic Chicken which was so beautifully deboned and stuffed with goodies like provolone, parmigiano and herbs. Served on a bed of fregola and top with a beautiful fried stuffed zucchini flowers. Not only does it look awesome, it tasted just as awesome with the perfectly seasoned and cooked chicken which was moist, juicy and flavorful.
As per Chef Rob, he likes this dish so much that he may put in on their permanent menu.

 Passion Fruit Pavlova
I love anything passion fruit as I probably have mention a million time before, this was so light and refreshing. The meringue was crispy on the outside and still pillowy light inside. The sweet meringue is then paired perfectly with the tangy passion fruit curd.

Thanks to Yvonne (@th3hungrycat), Brand and Buzzing (@brandandbuzz) and Yorkshire Valley Farms (@YVForganic) for hosting and inviting me to such a fantastic dinner with such great company.

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  1. Such a fun night -- would do this again with you guys in a heartbeat!

  2. Great post Vickie. Thanks for coming!

  3. Great post Vickie. Thanks for coming!