Monday, August 26, 2013

Roundhouse Craft Beer Festival [EVENT]

After 2 week of rest after Toronto Beerfest, we are back for the 2nd annual Roundhouse Craft Beer Festival (#RHCraftFest) bought to you by Steam Whistle (@SteamWhistle). 
 The festival took place on August Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th. We went on the 2nd day and was glad since I heard it was very packed on the 1st day.

The festival showcases beers from the association of Ontario Craft Brewers, who have a passion to re-kindle and keep alive the spirit of traditional brewing. Independent ownership, smaller batches, artisanal styles, quality ingredients, all-natural and undiluted beers are hallmarks of their Brewing Philosophy & Standards.

Participating Brewers : 
Sampling Glasses can be purchased in advance for $10 or for $15 at the door. Beer will only be served in the official glasses with beer sampling tokens costing at $1 (glasses can be re-used on the 2nd day of the festival). Food can be purchased with cash.

The funny thing is that the glass was exactly the same as last year (see my post here), I bet people can easily use last year glass then just go in and get tokens... save you the $10?!

And I love how tokens are sold in batched of 5 and the event organizers will buy back any unused tokens so no one will need to chug down beer at the end of the day. It's about appreciating and enjoying local beer rather than getting drunk...

This year there was way more food trucks than last year which was great cause I definitely need to munch on something after a few beer.

Love the relax atmosphere where people sat on the grass and relax while enjoying great beer and food... no lining up here (^_^)

Being one of my fave craft brewery especially for events like these where they usually have some special brews... there's always new beer to try from their endless selection

 Smashbomb Atomic IPA
~ one of my all time favorite which had a citrus and bitter   
City & Color Maple Wheat
~ slightly sweet and a rather strong beer at 11.5%

Summer Saison
~ not a big fan of orange beer and this one had coriander which is probably the only herb I don't like. But I bet a lot of people would like this and it's only at 4.5%

Bike Rye'd
~ a dry spicy beer

I was a bit disappointed that they are not serving my favorite Apple Beer Float.
 Naughty Neighbour
~ an American Pale Ale with pine and citrus flavors

 Raspberry Sour Lager
~ I was actually surprise at how sour it was but have to say I love the pinky hue.

Although not a fan of cider, this apple cider is dry and crisp

 BBQ Pork Belly & Shoulder $10
~ Bourbon BBQ sauce, southwest slaw, cheddar, smoked garlic aioli, jalapeno, brioche
This was a huge portion and the bun couldn't really hold everything in, we had to use a fork.

 Nutella Bombs $5
~ Banana Bread, cornflake batter, bourbon caramel sauce, whipped cream
That was the highlight of the day, this was fried on the spot so it was served pipping hot with the melted Nutella rushing out after the first bite.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken $12
~ cornbread and coleslaw

I tried it here before, so decided to skip it this time around but the smell of the coconut oil was just everywhere

The 2nd year of Roundhouse Craft Beer Festival is already bigger and better than last year, just can't wait until next year.
And once again thanks to the people at Steam Whistle (@SteamWhistle) for providing passes for both me and for my reader (contest post here)

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  1. The food seem fit the if you eat the food should drink beer in there.