Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Neal Brothers Chips [Snack]

You may have seen it from my previous post here where this was the secret ingredient for the first battle of Abbey's Kitchen Stadium. At that time, it was still not available anywhere but all of us AKS attendants were each generously given a bag to go home with. We got the Sweet & Smokey BBQ which I fell in love with.

 The Neal Brothers (@nealbrothers), Peter & Chris have long wanted to create their own Kettle-Style chips with naturally spiced flavors and what better time than their 25th anniversary.

 It have since hit store shelves with the following flavors :
Himalayan Pink Salt
Pink Salt & Vinegar
Sweet & Smokey BBQ
Maple Bacon (newest)

Having tried all of the 3 original flavors, I have been professing my love for the Sweet & Smokey BBQ flavor since I first tried it. Seeing how much I loved it, the kind folks from The Siren Group (@thesirengroup) send me 2 bags of the new Maple Bacon flavor before it's launch. I have to say that I love this just as much with the sweet and savory combination.

It's a bit more expensive than your regular bag of Chips but really, who cares about the extra dollar when you get such a better natural and great tasting product.

Love how it's not as salty as most of the other brand of chips out there but still with great intense flavor that make it so addictive.

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  1. I love Neal Brothers Cheesey Puffs. They need to make bigger bags. I can eat 1 in one sitting. :)