Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Whippoorwill Restaurant

Heard so much good things about The Whippoorwill Restaurant (@WhippoorwillTO) that I have to make my way to the far side of Toronto. I frankly have never took the subway that far west but it was all worth the trip. It is a small narrow space at the corner of Bloor & Landsdowne in the former spot of Bloordale Pantry.
Have to say I love the diner decor with the red booth seats with an added rustic touches.
I especially love the bar area made from an old Detroit tire sign.

Why dont we do in the road $14
~ cocktail of the day

Beau's Festival $5

Muay Thai $10
I am loving the basil trend in cocktail and this one was especially delicious with the spicy black peppers.

Sardine $12
~ Special of the day 
Love everything here but wish it came with some sort of toast to balance off the saltiness of the sardines.

The Beverly Hotel [Lunch]

The Beverly Hotel (@beverleyhotelTO) which is a 18-room boutique hotel that finally open after more than 2 years in the making. But of course I was there for the food and was excited to finally try Chef Eric Wood (@chefericwood) creations since he left Hawthorne by the time I went (post here).

The entire first floor was the hotel while the 2nd and 3rd floor house the hotel rooms with a rooftop bar/patio which you can take the tiny elevator up.

We went for lunch on a sunny Saturday but was disappointed that they only served a few grilled skewers on the rooftop patio and I wanted to try items from their menu instead.... so we skip the sunny patio and opted to stay in and we were the only one there.

Free re-fills of coffee and Ben probably end up drinking 3-4 cups which means it's pretty goof coffee.

Charred Edamame $6
~ red chili, walnut, Cape Breton salt, herbs
 This was very tasty and we can't help but keep devouring it. Unlike the boring steam plus salt version, this had a very nice pan-kiss to them with a very sticky thick sweet sauce to it with the perfect added crunch from the crushed walnut. I will definitely try replication this at home real soon.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Roundhouse Craft Beer Festival [EVENT]

After 2 week of rest after Toronto Beerfest, we are back for the 2nd annual Roundhouse Craft Beer Festival (#RHCraftFest) bought to you by Steam Whistle (@SteamWhistle). 
 The festival took place on August Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th. We went on the 2nd day and was glad since I heard it was very packed on the 1st day.

The festival showcases beers from the association of Ontario Craft Brewers, who have a passion to re-kindle and keep alive the spirit of traditional brewing. Independent ownership, smaller batches, artisanal styles, quality ingredients, all-natural and undiluted beers are hallmarks of their Brewing Philosophy & Standards.

Participating Brewers : 
Sampling Glasses can be purchased in advance for $10 or for $15 at the door. Beer will only be served in the official glasses with beer sampling tokens costing at $1 (glasses can be re-used on the 2nd day of the festival). Food can be purchased with cash.

The funny thing is that the glass was exactly the same as last year (see my post here), I bet people can easily use last year glass then just go in and get tokens... save you the $10?!

And I love how tokens are sold in batched of 5 and the event organizers will buy back any unused tokens so no one will need to chug down beer at the end of the day. It's about appreciating and enjoying local beer rather than getting drunk...

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mill Street Beer Hall

Mill Street Beer Hall (@MillStBrewPubTO) is just around the corner from the original Brew Pub in the Distillery District with more than 500 seats which included a very big patio space.
Definitely love the more updated and modern space compare to the original Brew Pub which I have always thought outdated. Love all the copper beer lines around the ceiling and long wooden tables which further accentuate the industrial feel of the space.

Love the open kitchen but with all the heating light by the counter, it was incredible hot if seated near that area and with the big doors opening the patio means not much AC.
With the long tables and huge space, it's perfect for larger party.

We only tried 2 things from the menu since we ate before meeting up with some friends, so I am hoping to go back soon and do a 2nd post.

Mill Street Sampler
~ Hell Bock, Paradise IPA, Distillery Ale, Frambozen
Both of us are already very familiar with their regular brew, so we decided to try some of their special brew from

Monday, August 19, 2013

Ryus Noodle Bar

Ben being the ramen fanatic that he is, we just had to try out the new Toronto ramen spot : Ryus Noodle Bar (@RYUS_Noodle_bar). I have to say that I am incredibly curious wondering who have the guts to open another ramen shop just a few door up to the super successful Kinton Ramen (post here).

I have to say that it an incredibly cute place with the 2 communal table in the front patio.
Upon entering the place, I notice that it was tiny and the seating doesn't look very effective to me.
And did I mention they didn't have AC (>_<)

So hot that Ben had to order a pint of Sapporo

 All of their ramen here comes with one of their 3 signature sauces:
Garilic & Shallot Oil
Seasoned House Spicy Oil
Sweet & Spicy Ginger Paste
 We had the #1 and 2, the recommended to add the sauce at least half way through the bowl before adding the sauces and I totally agree since you have to taste the original flavor of the broth
 I have to say that I have both sauces especially the Garlic & Shallot oil which was incredibly flavorful and complimented the broth perfectly.

 Shio Ramen $9.50
We always try to try the most basic one first time at any ramen place. Their ramen here comes not only with a fatty melt in your mouth pork belly but also sous-vide chicken breast which was very moist and tender. The broth didn't taste like pork bone alone but when I ask our server, she said that it was purely pork bone soup. I find the soup rather oily and heavy where you couldn't really taste the creamy pork bone broth (still love the broth here). I personally tasted butter in the broth?!?

Beerfest 2013 [EVENT]

Had so much fun at the Toronto's Festival of Beer (Twitter: @TOBeerFestival & Facebook: TOBeerFestival) last year (post here) that I have been counting down the days this year. Once again I was lucky to have got media passes and we end up going on the last day with some friends.

 I have to say that this year's event look bigger but at the end of the day, I find the selection was more limited compare to last year. It was more of the bigger well know brands and even the local craft section had less selection compare to last year. Maybe it's just me, not sure. Nonetheless, we still had a lot of fun with a lot of great beer and food.

Just as last year with the media pass, we were escorted into the Media Lounge like VIP where we were given 2 sampling tickets. This year's media lounge feature beer was Matilda & Sophie by Goose Island, a Chicago's Craft Beer, their beer bottles here look like wine bottle.

Neal Brothers's (@nealbrothers) Kettle Chip in the Media Lounge
(see my post here)

$1 per tokens, most half glass tasting cost 1 and full glass for 2
But I notice that a lot of beer this year are costing $2-6 this year, price increase in beer?
This year, the 2 of us bought 20 each plus the cost for food and if at the end of the day you had enough of drinking, you can always use it up on food (^_^)

Since it's a rather large events and most people will spend hours there, so try to wear comfortable shoes (kudos to the ladies who wear heels and last all day) and slap on some sunscreen since the event is entirely outdoor.... plus do not drink & drive, both streetcar and cabs are just so convenient.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

JaBistro [Lunch]

This is my 3rd post for JaBistro (@JaBistro222) but this time it's for Lunch and I though I would do a quick Wordless Wednesday post (see my last post here & here). Still ♥ it as much as ever!!!
Sake & Sushi compliment from Chef Koji and Jin (@KojiAndJin)

JaBistro Platter $30
~ everything from sushi, soup to dessert

JaBistroll $22
~ salmon, snow crab, uni, cucumber, tobiko

Small things like these that restaurant do that make you feel special and want to go back again and again (^_^)

JaBistro on Urbanspoon

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Night Market @ 99 Sudbury

Since last month, Toronto got a new weekly Night Market (@NightMarketTO) taking place every Wednesday from 5 to 10pm at 99 Sudbury (@99Sudbury). They bought together a lightly curated selection of local artisans, food and drink vendors. After 3 weeks of soft launch mode, the Night Market finally hosted it's Launch Party.

Arriving, I already noticed 2 food truck parked outside which is a pretty good sign for me and apparently, there will be at least 1 or 2 food trucks that will be making a weekly appearance.

We tried the Red Velvet and Chocolate, love the cute individual container that it came in (it had a round lid) but I am not really a big fan of their cupcake which was sweet, dense and heavy.

You guessed it right, the first thing I did was head over to get myself a drink. That day they were serving 3 innovative cocktails and I tried all 3 of them. I liked all 3 but have to say my fave being the Bourbon Daisy. Unlike some other events where cocktail are really made quick, here you see that he took his time and love that's put into it... you can def taste the difference.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Neal Brothers Chips [Snack]

You may have seen it from my previous post here where this was the secret ingredient for the first battle of Abbey's Kitchen Stadium. At that time, it was still not available anywhere but all of us AKS attendants were each generously given a bag to go home with. We got the Sweet & Smokey BBQ which I fell in love with.

 The Neal Brothers (@nealbrothers), Peter & Chris have long wanted to create their own Kettle-Style chips with naturally spiced flavors and what better time than their 25th anniversary.

 It have since hit store shelves with the following flavors :
Himalayan Pink Salt
Pink Salt & Vinegar
Sweet & Smokey BBQ
Maple Bacon (newest)

Having tried all of the 3 original flavors, I have been professing my love for the Sweet & Smokey BBQ flavor since I first tried it. Seeing how much I loved it, the kind folks from The Siren Group (@thesirengroup) send me 2 bags of the new Maple Bacon flavor before it's launch. I have to say that I love this just as much with the sweet and savory combination.

It's a bit more expensive than your regular bag of Chips but really, who cares about the extra dollar when you get such a better natural and great tasting product.

Love how it's not as salty as most of the other brand of chips out there but still with great intense flavor that make it so addictive.

Spicy Stir Fry Sting Beans w/ Minced Meat [Recipe]

I Instagram this a few weeks ago and I got requested to share the receipt, but frankly I never really follow any. I normally just improvised =P

Ingredients :
 String Beans
  Minced Pork
Minced Garlic 
Slice of Ginger (optional)
Soy Sauce
Salt & Pepper
Chili Garlic Sriracha
Gochujang (Korean Red Pepper Paste)

1) Marinate the minced pork w/ a little bit of soy sauce, salt and pepper for at least 15 minutes.
2) While the meat is being marinated, start to trim the beans (break off the top & tail)
3) Heat up the frying pan w/ oil and start browning the meat with the garlic and ginger
4) Add the Chili Garlic Sriracha and Gochujang. I don't have the exact measurement but I like to taste as you go. Start with a little and add more if needed.
5) Add the beans in when the meat are almost cooked, cover and let it cook for a few minute. Add a little bit of water if you feel the pan is too dry, but that may not be needed. Remember that the beans will continue to cook after you remove from the heat, so try to take them out right before the way you like it (crispier or softer)

Hope you like this dish as much as we do and do let me know how yours turn out (^_^)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

#LegsandTie at Fabbrica [EVENT]

A few week ago, I was invited by the lovely Yvonne Tsui (@th3hungrycat) to attend an event called "Legs and Tie" (#LegsandTie) at Fabbrica (@TheMcEwanGroup). What's Legs and Tie you ask?! It's bought to you by Yorkshire Valley Farms (@YVForganic) and named after the act of trussing up a chicken, where 4 foodies were paired up with chefs from 4 restaurant in Toronto. Each pair created a dish inspired by YVF's Organic Chicken and each foodie in turn host a dinner party at the partnering restaurant.

I was so glad to catch up with my fellow foodies which include host @th3hungrycat, @AbbeysKitchen, @momwhoruns, @AS_Toronto, @wherejessate, @foodigatorJ, @YashYanthi and finally got to meet @corecorina and @1goatroti IRL (^_^) 

Upon being seated, we were greeted by Executive Chef Rob LeClair and start off our meal with a super refreshing yummy Sangria (my dear Yvonne prob read my mind cause I was craving for sangria the whole day and that's what she requested).

The meal stated with a loaf of freshly baked bread and a Salumi Board. Perfect to nibble on while chatting and sipping on our sangria.

Fried Smelts
 They were so light, crispy and hot moist inside. Love how it was so light and not greasy at all and served with the perfect aioli dip.