Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Agave Y Aguacate [Mexican]

After waiting forever for Agave y Agucate (@AgaveyAguacate) to re-open since they closed up in Kensington Market, they finally set shop at 35 Baldwin St. Have been a big fan of Chef Francisco Alejandri (@aguacave) and they have acquire even a stronger following after being feature and praised on Anthony Bourdain's Layover.

Nothing fancy decor wise except for this two-story Madonna graffiti and crystal decanter lights

Paloma $12

Negra Modelo $6

Sopa Tarascan $7
~ Pinto Beans & Tomato Puree w/ ancho chile, cream, fried tortilla
Love the smokiness of the ancho chile and the tomato base just elevated the flavor even more.
We were told not to mix it up to get the layers of different texture and flavors, each ingredient seems to add depth and richness to the soup. The cubes of Queso Panela cheese was a great addition.

Ceviche Verde $13

~ Market white fish macerated in lime juice, gently tossed in a corriander mint & habanero paste w/ tomatillos & sweet onions served w/ totopos
The Ceviche wasn't as good as I remember, it\s a tad too tart in my opinion which lack any other complimenting flavors, event the creamy avocado didn't help much but still love the big pieces of fresh fish.

Chile Poblano Relleno $8
~ Blistered Poblano Pepper stuffed w/ guacamole & pineapple topped with pickled vegetables & subtle tomato sauce
I have this on my mind since I saw it online and it truly didn't disappoint. Loved it, def one of the highlight of the night.With the perfect amount of heat which is smoth down by the creamy chucky guacamole with the most perfect light tomato sauce.

Tostada de Tinga $9
~ pulled poached chicken tossed in a chorizo, tomato piquin & chipotle pepper sauce served on a tostada w/ well-fried black beans, avocado, crema & pickled red onions
This was by far my fave dish of the night,  definitely wish we ordered one each. So good, such intense flavors. The chicken was moist and flavorful with just enough of heat, even the beans was so yummy smooth with the creamy avocado n a pop of flavor from the pickled onions.

Pollo en Pipian Rojo $11
~ Fryer chicken in red sesame sauce w/Ancho chile garnished w/softened almonds
Love the thick sesame sauce and the chicken was perfectly cook, so moist but thought the presentation wasn't that great and the bread was sort of hard. Maybe some bean rice on the side instead of bread.

Chocolate Caliente $4
~ 70% dark hot Chocolate w/ a medley of Mexican spice
Liquid gold, we can't help but wonder what was the spices in it.

Carlota de Limon $6
~ Mexican biscuits layered w/ a lime custard drizzled w/ arbequna olive oil & garnished w/ lime zest & black salt
Ok, I know it's not the best looking dessert but it was really delicious, surprisingly not sweet andwas surprise how the olive oil and black salt go so well together here.

Main level room is pretty narrow with the bar on one side and small bar tables/stool on the other side.

Verdict :
 Love it !!!
I was glad that it's simply authentic Mexican cuisine, nothing fancy and no trendy fusion things like kimchi and definitely no boring fish tacos.
Love how the dishes was spaced out really well instead of all the dishes coming at the same time (ahem all the other popular Mexican restaurants)
Great attentive service, our water was filled timely and our waiter came back to check on us

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